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Nemesis Yachts – All-Electric 332-Foot Catamaran Concept

The boat features a hydrogen- and solar-powered propulsion system.

It may be hindsight that is 20-20, but Nemesis Yachts still think it has a pretty clear vision of the future of boating. And that vision can be seen in the company’s latest superyacht concept, a high-tech, zero-emission catamaran expected to break speed records.

Dubbed the Nemesis One, the watercraft is a 332-foot hydrofoil catamaran that the boat maker claims can reach speeds in excess of 50 knots, according to a press release. As stunning as that may sound, just as intriguing is its outlandish tech, which includes hydrogen- and solar-propulsion system, a motorized sail and autonomous capabilities.The Nemesis One with its autonomous "Oceanwings" sail deployed

The Nemesis One with its autonomous “Oceanwings” sail deployed Nemesis Yachts

Nemesis boldly promises that the concept will be the “world’s fastest luxury foiling yacht.” The boat, which the company says is more like a fighter jet than a sailing yacht, is capable of traveling at a cruising speed of 35 knots. While that’s plenty brisk, it’s nothing compared to the 50 knots the boat can reach when its computer-controlled hydrofoils are fully engaged.

The Nemesis One is able to fly across water thanks to a truly forward-thinking hydrogen fuel cell-powered propulsion system, according to New Atlas. It also gets juice from a set of electric batteries, as well as roof-top solar panels that will provide up to 150kWh of energy. But the entire propulsion system is only responsible for 18 knots of speed. The rest comes from the yacht’s automated “Oceanwings” sail. The computer-operated wing automatically adjusts angle, camber and twist to account for wind and weather conditions and is 2.6 times more efficient than a traditional sail. But that’s not all on the tech front, as the boat is also capable of operating autonomously, with LiDAR making sure you don’t get into any trouble.On board the Nemesis One

Onboard the Nemesis One Nemesis Yachts

But state-of-the-art tech is not all the superyacht concept has to offer. This is no stripped-down racing vessel, after all. Measuring 332 feet long and 128 feet wide, the living and entertainment areas on the boat are downright palatial. Based on the renders, the quarters are designed to resemble those of a luxurious hotel for jet-setters. Interestingly, the boat’s “living modules” are detachable and can be swapped out depending on the circumstances. They can also be removed entirely if you do, in fact, want to turn the catamaran into a straightforward speed machine.On board the Nemesis One

Nemesis Yachts

As with most concepts, especially the most exciting, there’s no release information for the Nemesis One. But, the boat maker did reveal that it is testing out a shrunk-down, 26-foot prototype, so don’t be surprised if some aspects of this boat become a reality sooner than later.

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