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3deluxe’s first zero-carbon super-yacht sold as an NFT

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to spend that pesky $500 million, here’s the answer. This zero-carbon super-yacht made a huge splash, pun intended, at the Monaco Yacht Show. Created by design studio 3deluxe, this creation is now for sale as an NFT on the SuperWorld auction platform.

Nautic Magazine has covered the dubious environmental impact of NFTs in-depth. While cryptocurrency technology is still evolving, many people have questions about how to reduce its energy impact and environmental footprint. Yachts, especially super-yachts, also pose their own environmental concerns. However, innovative design may help address these concerns.

For example, this jaw-dropping design by 3deluxe is zero-carbon, avoiding the emissions problem of some yachts. 3deluxe will also donate half the proceeds raised by the NFT sale to the Sea Change Project. This group, founded by the producers of My Octopus Teacher, is dedicated to marine conservation programs.

The side of a super-yacht on the ocean.

The yacht itself has a sleek, futuristic design that instantly catches the eye. Inside the yacht, it’s all about nature: honoring it, preserving it and drawing inspiration from it. The plans include a greenhouse, lounge, kitchen, bar and vegetable garden. Fresh food grows onboard the yacht. The ocean provides plenty of its own fresh food as well. A saltwater desalination system powered by zero-carbon solar panels provides water for the plants. 

A curved facade on the deck of a yacht.

The open concept design creates a modern, airy interior where nature and people can live together in harmony, sharing the same spaces. The exterior of the yacht has a closed shape in a streamlined design. The hull merges seamlessly with the side facade. Sleek design gives the yacht minimal resistance to weather and wind.

A green area on a yacht with trees.

The raised walls are louvers that are controlled with sensors. They regulate the amount of light that gets to the upper decks. When the yacht is moving fast, or the weather isn’t great, they can be closed. These louvers have photovoltaic cells that create power for the air conditioning system, desalination system and lighting. The roof is flat and protected, made in a glazed design that allows natural light to reach the interior.

A green sitting area on a yacht.

This ship doesn’t even create any noise pollution. Silent engines keep the interior quiet and vibration-free. Meanwhile, the zero-carbon design is achieved through fuel cells that use hydrogen. The hydrogen needed for the fuel cells can be refueled or produced locally with methanol.

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Images via 3deluxe

Nautic Magazine introduced in mid-2021 its new Marketplace so you can use Bitcoin to buy your next Yacht!

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