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Foiling Week #Sail4Chico from 17 to 20 September at Fraglia Vela Malcesine

They are all back: The regattas, the Gurit Forum, the Expo, the flying boats available for trials in water are all back. This unique 2020 Foiling Week edition is dedicated to Chico Forti, to his family and to all the organizations who are following his incredible case.

# Sail4Chico is the hashtag for 2020 Foiling Week.
Enrico “Chico” Forti, is a former windsurfing champion, who has been incarcerated in a Florida prison for over twenty years. On June 15th, 2000, Chico was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he has always professed himself innocent for.

As of today, for the US judicial system, any legal action seems to be definitively precluded, so it now necessary to resort to the intervention of the Italian government to bring Chico back to Italy as a prisoner. Foiling Week aims to give active support to Chico’s cause, to urge the government prompt intervention, since Chico’s resistance is now at the end of his tether and every new day feels unbearable.

Our action for Chico is one of solidarity and of witnessing. We will ask those who will intervene in Malcesine as in Arco, and all sailors who want to join in, wherever they are, to participate to the cause by taking a photo with their hands indicating the symbol “4C” (4 Chico) and share it on their social networks with the hashtag # sail4chico

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