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Thomas Ruyant explains his choice to stay as safe as possible

In second place Thomas Ruyant was joined on the morning call at around 0400hrs TU. 

“We are at the front of the front and so the conditions are quite invigorating but unlitmately not bad. We have around 20 knots, over 25 knots for me at the moment. It’s for sure better than the last three or four days. It’s not rough weather, the sea is flatter unlike a what we have for days before. So we are going with this front. These are quite “sporty” sailing and you have to be able to live at these speeds.

It has been several days since the low has been building along this front, strengthening with a shift in the wind for us. I try to find the safest route possible, to adapt my speed to where I want to go. I will try to avoid the big swell near the centre. It’s not easy to find the best route but conditions will improve by tomorrow. We all have a bit of the same idea: to go north in relation to the centre of the system. The sea will be fairly rough, we will try to go to the best possible place to preserve the boat and the sailor.

Me, it’s not bad. I didn’t have a big problem. I try to maintain my boat to keep it in good condition. We’re heading east very quickly and I’m trying to adjust to that: at midnight UT it’s daylight and you have to adapt your sleep accordingly. I do everything to protect myself. The satisfaction and enjoyment is found in the challenge and in the competition that we are in. It’s exhilarating to go at these speeds, to lead such exceptional boats and to try to find the right course. Here for the moment I have got it right, even though we know that the Vendée Globe is a long race that is not easy. “

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