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Al Waab Yacht Is a Billionaire’s Dream, Will Come True in June 2021

Yacht designs show us how some of the billionaires on this planet like to live. If you want to catch up with the latest trends, here’s a vessel that is scheduled to be delivered in summer 2021.

What you see in the cover photo is the Al Waab yacht. These images may be just renderings, but you should know that this vessel has already begun construction and is scheduled for delivery in June 2021. Time for you to take a little trip and get to know how some folks like to live.

Anytime a vessel like this embarks upon the building process, there’s more than one team responsible for its success. In this case, three teams are involved. The interior and exterior design, mechanical and structural engineering, and naval architecture are all the work of famed design group Vripack.

But the one thing Vripac doesn’t do is build actual ships. For this, the Al Waab is in the hands of Alia Yachts’ yard. Finally, the third team involved in this dream home is SF Yacht, with a vast experience in brokering yacht builds. These three teams are responsible for the ship that will hit the water this summer.

For now, you can share the same vision the future owner of this vessel had when choosing to purchase it. By this I mean that the Al Waab was designed with the use of Virtual Reality software, which allowed the teams to create spaces that reflect the true size of the would-be vessel. This feature was also used by the client when seeing the concept and throughout its development. Co-Creative Director Bart M. Bouwhuis has this to say regarding VR development: “The virtual reality was a big surprise to the owner, and he loved it because it made it so easy to understand the space and its interaction with the outdoors – far more so than renderings and sketches. Ultimately that resulted in the entire design working in such a way that it exceeded his expectations.”

On the exterior, the Al Waab shows a design with as few structural elements as possible. Why? Simple, to offer the client an unobstructed view of the seas. However, intimacy is achieved using black glass, as is customary among vessels of this caliber. Overall, the ship comes in with a length of 54.85 m (180 ft), beam of 9.10 m (29.85 ft), and a draft of 2.20 m (7.21 ft), allowing it to cruise through shallow waters easily. One feature that you can also notice as part of the hull design is a section aft that opens to reveal a tender garage that’s also roomy enough for some extra toys.

Moving this hunk of metal along are 2 C18 C-Rating engines that each crank out 533 kW at 2100 rpm. That’s more than enough strength to earn this beautiful ship a classification of unrestricted navigation. Overall, 18 guests can be found on board during private events and only 12 for commercial events, while a crew of 10 is needed for private parties and only 8 for commercial gatherings.

Inside, the vessel is really where things really start to heat up. Materials like wood, granites and marble, leathers, and semi-precious metals are present in all spaces throughout the ship. Some areas even include carpeting instead of wood or granite. Minimalist furnishings also offer plenty of room to move about spaces, while offering an unobscured view of the world around.

This well-lit and open space theme is one that continues throughout the entire vessel and even into private quarters. The suites also include LED lighting strips in walls, along bedding and furniture edges, and ceilings. The exterior deck spaces follow a similar design cue, with loosely scattered furnishings to create highly airy spaces.

Honestly, the more you look at this rendering, the quicker you will agree that this vessel will be a pleasure to see circling the globe. Can’t wait to see the final product.

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