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From rowing boats to electric: 250 years of Cantiere Ernesto Riva

Daniele Riva combines two and a half centuries of wooden boat building on Lake Como and challenges the uncertainties of 2021 to celebrate an extraordinary family and nautical anniversary.

Not years, but centuries. Not a few, but hundreds of boards passed through the hands and the plane of a family that expressed and represented Lake Como in its most natural way, exclusive boats built rigorously in wood that flow with unchanged care for sport, work and pleasure on the troubled waters of unstoppable evolution.

In 2021 the Ernesto Riva Shipyard celebrates 250 years of a history that dates back to the 1700s, when on the shores of the village of Laglio there is traces of the “seppoltoni”, the boat builders who respond to the surname Riva, which tradition has established. on Lake Como in the name of the great-grandfather Ernesto and which is now masterfully preserved and renovated, after 8 generations, by Daniele Riva.

The Ernesto Riva Shipyard perfectly summarizes in the new millennium these 250 years made of attention to detail, use of precious materials and innovation, to create unique works, appreciated on Lake Como and by customers from all over the world, starting from typical Lario boats, from the lights to the lances, from the steamboats of the early 1900s and then gradually up to the modern runabouts and tenders, to the restoration of one-off pieces, sailing, rowing or motor, to the eco-sustainable nautical evolutions with recent electric motorboat projects.

In the current situation of pandemic immobility, it is difficult to articulate a calendar of events to celebrate such a birthday, but Daniele Riva has “in the pipeline” a series of initiatives, participations and projects that in 2021 will be able to tell the past and present the future for who knows how many more years of boating, wood and family.

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