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Elegantiae, a balance of luxury and modern lines unveiled by Leonardo Santi

Designed by the Italian Leonardo Santi, former Benetti’s Interior Architect and finalist at the Design et Al. 2020, this concept bears a Latin name that pays homage to its extreme elegance.

Starting from this concept, the Italian designer is working closely with the shipyard Mengi Yay Yachts in tailoring the interior of a Virtus 47m, currently under construction.

The project is distinguished by clean, simple lines that are enriched by precious materials to create and elegant but extremely modern look.
Leonardo Santi’s style is defined by his skilful use of lighting, knowledge of the italian marble, and passion for art.

Lights as an architectural element

In the center of the main saloon, long led strip lights alternates with shorter light sections to provide a modern and dynamic effect to the environment.

Light is to be regarded not only as a source of illumination, but also as a geometrical and architectural element.

The designer explains: “The shape of the light is itself a decoration and helps in defining an environment. Lights are an essential component of my design”

Lights can be trimmed: by varying the intensity of the artificial lights, different scenarios are created. In this way, it is possible to emphasize different areas of the living room or give more relevance to the natural light that enters through the large windows.

The shape of the lighting points is also the result of a stylistic decision.

In both the saloon and the owner’s cabin, the spotlights are housed in a special metal frame.
Those ceiling lights were crafted specially for this project.

The owner’s suite table lamps have a pedestal that resembles a sculpture.

As a result, those elements that are usually in the background acquire meaning of their own; and can be featured in this classy and elegant context.

Fine art on board

“Some people have to visit a museum to be able to enjoy a piece of art, but being born in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance, I was constantly immersed in art.”
Leonardo Santi soon realized that a pieces of art can be the ideal companion also on board of a superyacht: the artistic touch complements his elegant design in many of his creations.

Closely related to both this geographical area of Italy and to the world of art, we must mention the material chosen by Michelangelo for his famous La Pietà: the Carrara marble.

Elegantiae extensively employs two varieties of this precious material: the Calacatta Oro has been chosen to embellish and characterize the environment, while the main foyer floor is decorated with an elegant Cremo Delicato.

In my previous experience with Benetti, I frequently went to the quarries to personally select the slabs to be placed on board. During these visits, the local artisans shared a wealth of knowledge with me about each quarry’s unique characteristics, slab selection, the texture and type of vein of the marbles.”

The marble serves as a frame for the sculptures in the boiserie of the main saloon.
The relationship between the marble and the sculptures is a synergistic one: the frame highlights the pieace of art, and the scultpure embellishes the golden veins of the Calacatta Oro.

Wooden framed wall panels, decorated with fabrics and light plays, are an invitation to install fine art on board.
For example, in the main foyer, the designer proposes a sculpture signed by Matteo Pugliese

Elegantiae has a neutral color palette, which was chosen to allow for future customizations based on the customer’s preferences.

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