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Award winner architect Alexandre Thiriat announces fabulous Corellian Catamaran concept

 Tomorrow’s yacht have to turn to Sailing or Hydrogen. There is NO PLANET B “ Alexandre THIRIAT

Alexandre THIRIAT

Involved in the design of highly innovative yachts since 1998 and, since 2013, running his own design studio, professional dreamer Alexandre THIRIAT, Designer for the most exclusives yachts when working for late Alberto PINTO, on Alfa Nero, Ocean Victory, Madsummer, Axioma or Okto, is presenting a radically innovative superyacht catamaran concept.


Resulting from the collaboration of a team of specialists, CORELLIAN 110′ catamaran is a combination of new and coordinated concepts. The innovations coupled with proven solutions allow this multihull platform to achieve all the functions for tomorrow yachting.

This First-class seakeeping catamaran is a Full Hydrogen motor yacht, using the proven and latest innovative technologies on development to achieve for the moment 2x500KW (2X670 Hp)

Ease of handling and use with luxurious comfort are harmoniously combined on this catamaran. The calibration of the propulsion elements is predetermined to create perfect uniformity . The fittings and the interior style are and can be adapted to be exclusive and correspond to each owner’s personality.

Outside, the catamaran features large open area areas, with a Jacuzzi, pool, ample sunpads and a large beach club aft. Suitable for private use and charter, the concept can be described as a “private island for adventures around the world”

3 major features and qualities are brought together in the CORELLIAN catamaran philosophy, incorporating engineering with art, to achieve the ultimate pleasure on the water, whether for private use or charter.


  • Simple and efficient Electric/Hydrogen propulsion systems
  • Unnoisy & vibrationless propulsion by electric motors and matching propellers
  • Service power supplied by solar panels and ecofriendly made energy storage batteries
  • Solar Self-producing Hydrogen solution option under development making it self sufficient
  • Zero CO2 emissions with Hydrogen solutions, making it the greenest motor yacht possible for the moment equal to sailing yacht
  • 100% recyclable aluminum hull


  • High average speeds and sensations with proven low drag of catamaran hulls 
  • A real power yacht with powerful Hydrogen/Electric solutions developed and already used for ground transportation with already 2x500KW available, and more to come soon.
  • Comfortable and safe, even in rough seas with fully recyclable ecofriendly  and resistant  aluminum hull
  • Stress-free access to shoal draft areas and shallower port areas
  • Stress-free limited areas access with proven Zero-Carbon emissions
  • Extremely simple and economical ashore storage


  • A tailor made yacht platform with convivial areas, together with more intimate spaces, adaptable to the wishes and desires of the owner in the spirit of a “Custom Yacht” both about the style and the layout, making it unique.
  • No limit layout In or Out possible, Owner or charter, from 8 to 12 passengers without sacrificing to comfort in order to enrich the lives of those who will live it, creating a framework for memories, and providing a climate for social gatherings, excitement, fun or quiet relaxation in harmony with the sea.
  • Private Beach club, folding platforms,  for each VIP cabins never seen before on a catamaran of this size
  • Large and comfortable open areas to share or privatized, with Jacuzzi, pool and sunbathing, with easy access to the sea making it the ultimate private island for your adventures around the world.
  • More than 203 m² (2,185 sq ft) of fully customizable interior areas
  • More than 185 m² (1,990 sq ft) of fully customizable exterior areas
  • More than 42 m² (450 sq ft) of crew and galley, service oriented and technical areas
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