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Solaris 40 new project, a 40-foot boat with all the innovations

The new Solaris 40 contains in its 12.36 meters the result of an intense design study, signed by the Solaris designer Javier Soto Acebal and with features that characterize this new project in terms of hull performance and navigation comfort. The goal was to be able to equip a 40-foot boat with all the innovations that characterize higher-end models.

Evolution at any level
Solaris 40 has the new type of lines with a lot of emphasis on general balance, static and dynamic.
For the static balance, great attention was paid to the distribution of weight under the water, to the thrust center, to the position of the keel to adequately counteract the forces of the sail, to the position of the rudder, etc.
For the dynamic aspect, the design focuses on real-life sailing situations, good all-round properties, stability under different heel angles, bow trim, coefficients and performance relationships with the expected range of trim and heel combinations.
Solaris 40, advances towards evolution and progress, thoroughly analyzing each new improvement, not only aspects of the waterlines, but also the many practical issues that must be carefully integrated into the design process.

News and trends
•    moving the mast backwards, increasing genoas and gennakers areas.
•    balancing with longer waterlines at design trim, with center of buoyancy and keel going backwards too, thus allowing the keel to match the mast properly and boat center of gravity.
•    rudders with increased aspect ratio, and foils cross sections have the center of pressure moved forward, delaying the stall angle. Rudder tips are becoming square type, very powerful on the deeper zones.
•    keel is aggressively designed to lower the center of gravity, using all the Javier Soto Acebal racing boats developments. Foils and bulbs are properly designed to each new local Reynolds number (relative speeds at the appendage).
•    deck beam has been progressively increased at the stern, to finally arrive to have almost max beam hold constant up to the transom.
•    overall hull shaping is showing more volume on the extremes and a reduced master section (less beam on the waterline and local hull draft), so hulls are looking slenderer.
•    prismatic overall hull coefficient, increased. The added volume on the bow is helping to balance the new powerful sterns. This new shape has higher form stability and much more potentiality for achieving higher speeds.
•    transom have become more vertical and with less cross curvature, so under heeling not an inch of effective sailing length is lost.
•    shape of the stern zone has evolved towards shorter overhangs, that must be carefully attended, to overcome drag under slow speeds (added wetted surface and eddies) 
•    sheerline is totally straight if seen from a perfect lateral point of view.
•    sheer height and shape has a second effect on cabin aesthetics, determining its final height and lower curvature at its deck camber intersection
•    delation of the decorative cove stripe was taken on all new models, in my opinion makes a much more modern look and pure aspect overall

Spaces of a larger boat
Solaris 40 has a space between the two binnacles that is not found even on boats over 100 feet. This allows the helmsman to steer without being limited by the size of the sprayhood, always having the leech edge and the jib fillets clearly visible. Two folding seats let the helmsman to maneuver and steer also while seated. The exit from the cockpit is very convenient. A space has been obtained and exploited specially designed to allow an easy passage with two steps to climb the side decks, from which the slanted handrails at the stern start.
The distance between the two steering wheels also increases the livability of the cockpit, which reaches maximum and unique levels for a 40-footer, and enhances its usability.

Wide spaces
The interiors, created with the contribution of Patrick Roseo, architect, thanks to the shapes of the hull, are the largest in the category and offer an innovative design.
Two layouts available: three cabins and two bathrooms or two cabins and two bathrooms, with separate shower. The interior design is extremely refined and of high quality, with the cabinets that contain the six hull windows. The layout is classic with an L-shaped kitchen to the left of the entrance.
Either by choosing the version with three cabins and two bathrooms, or by opting for the version with two cabins and two bathrooms, Solaris 40 offers large storage space.
The comfort details are particularly studied. The wardrobe in the owner’s cabin, for example, is equipped with several customizable shelves, and a space for long dresses. The owner’s cabin is full-height for its entire volume with lots of space, a solution that is not found on a 40-footer.

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