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Marc Newson Riva Aquariva, one of the best speedboat designs

Marc Newson Riva Aquariva

In 2010  Marc Newson was working with Riva, tasked with adding a contemporary twist to the glamorous Aquarama speedboat, bringing the iconic design of the 1960s into the 21st century.

They would only complete five ships, but Marc Newson‘s Riva Aquariva remains one of the most carefully designed and desirable ships.

The Marc Newson Riva Aquariva blends in by taking refined classic Italian styling and integrating its own organic, streamlined style into the boat.

She also introduced a new approach to boat building materials, replacing the mahogany deck with a linen-resin laminate and anodized aluminum hardware elements.
The windshield, created from a single piece of laminated glass, wraps around the cabin.

The interior was completely refitted, with a sleekly streamlined driver’s instrument panel and brightly upholstered seats executed in vivid turquoise.

With a driver and passenger seat up front, she seats six more people, complete with a table.

It was originally planned to produce 22 boats, but only five were made, making the Marc Newson Riva Aquariva a very rare bird.

The Marc Newson Riva Aquariva is relatively affordable in the context of other Newson designs. Its sale came out with an initial price of €575,000

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