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Hydrotec M/Y Vanguard, a ship waiting for its future owner to step up to the plate

Hydrotec is a naval architect yard from Italy that’s been on the market for over 25 years now. To celebrate their knowledge and know-how, they released plans for an impressive 65.2 m (214 ft) superyacht dubbed Vanguard.

If Hydrotec sounds rather new to you, it’s because you probably never needed their expertise. Over the course of their history, the crew has worked together with 19 shipyards, completed 67 projects, and currently offer 141 different yacht models and styles. Yes, all in 25 years.

As for Vanguard, this is where our attention will be focused today, and for good reasons; this little bugger is stunning, both inside and out, and is capable of cruising all of the world’s oceans. As mentioned, this vessel is 214 ft long, but it also features a beam of 13.7 m (45 ft) at its widest point. This allows Hydrotec to create large open spaces that guests can enjoy. The best way to get a clear understanding of what’s going on here is to invite you to view the gallery; you’ll thank me later.

Because of such a unique and open exterior, future guests will have access to an array of spaces and activities. Starting with the highest point on the ship, a lounge sits in wait for two-legged sun-loving lizards. If things get too hot, part of the superstructure offers the necessary shade to keep cool.

The deck below is also an entirely exterior deck filled with countless lounges and a jacuzzi. One deck lower and interior spaces begin to take shape and include a spacious lounge filled with art-deco furniture and a 270-degree view of the world around.

Unlike most other superyachts around, Vanguard features its owner and VIP rooms on the lower decks, in prime positioning and access to the sea. Some rooms even feature a walk-out patio that drops into place from the hull. These spaces are furnished similarly to the rest of the ship, with art-deco furnishings and minimalist styling.

One place where we must give extra attention is the ship’s rear. What Hydrotec has done here is create a superstructure that seems to break away from the front of the vessel. It’s also where Vanguard hides its most appealing spaces, one of which is a massive beach lounge with an enclosed pool, perfect for a swim as Vanguard cruises through the Arctic. The glass can be removed for uninterrupted viewing if you’re in the Caribbean.

The deck above the pool lounge sits the ship’s toy and tender garage. Yes, it’s an exterior garage that allows for the launching of vehicles directly from the deck via lateral cranes that lower toys into surrounding waters. Finally, the top deck houses a helicopter on a deck that can be used for catching some more of the Sun’s rays.

While this ship’s propulsion manufacturer has not been chosen yet, it will feature diesel/electric engines that will push this behemoth along at speeds upwards of 18 knots (20.7 mph). No mention of the range owners will be looking forward to, nor a price, but bet that’s in the millions.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Italian yacht building and superyacht luxury, Vanguard is the sort of ship meant to give you a clear taste of how they do things down there. When in Rome, do like the Romans. 

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