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The Virtual Boat Expo will open to visitors in May 2022

Eidikos Communications announce the official launch of a brand-new global stage promoting everything marine, a digital marketing platform live 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Virtual Boat Expo will open to visitors in May 2022, the world’s first fully immersive full-scale online event using the latest Super-HD 3D resolution and photo-realistic 3D models.

Nigel Borrell, Director comments, “The Virtual Boat Expo offers a global digital marketing platform where the leisure craft industry can showcase and host virtually the many products, boats, and prestigious yachts from the world’s renowned brands, professional brokers, marinas, and dealers”.

 “Components and equipment suppliers, chandlery, and leisure accessories will be showcased in a dedicated exhibition hall adjacent to the marina. Designed to be virtually the same as a live event the platform will deliver a fully immersive experience”.

Hosted in a life-size, purpose-built Marina and exhibition hall, berths are built to real-world dimensions and the exhibition hall offers shell scheme style booths.

Sara Gordon, Director “Virtual Boat Expo, bridges the gap between the traditional world of exhibitions the new world of virtual, social media, and digital marketing. Digital marketing can accelerate speed to market. Innovative opportunities can increase a business’s competitive edge. Bring a wider audience together. Visitor data allows a capture all on virtual platforms where registration is required.

  “Our Dockwalk studio is the ideal venue for online videos, webinars, presentations or product launches. We have a 365 strategy that ensures an active marketplace to conduct business, offering a massive opportunity for all-year-round communications, marketing, and sales. Virtual Boat Expo will entertain and inform the huge global community of sailing and motorboat enthusiasts”.

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