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The electric RaceBird of E1 at the 2022 Venice Boat Show

E1 World Electric Powerboat Series, organizer of the UIM E1 World Championship, will preview RaceBird at the Venice Boat Show, the full-electric racing boat equipped with hydrofoil, which will take part in the inaugural season of the E1 championship in 2023. 

RaceBird will be exhibited at the Tesa 113 stand of the Arsenale from Saturday 28 May to 5 June. It will be out of the water to allow visitors and enthusiasts to see closely the new concept and the philosophy that inspires it, the futuristic design, the aerodynamic lines (born from the vision of the Norwegian designer Sophi Horne who co-created it together with Brunello Acampora and the expert naval engineers of Victory Marine and SeaBird Technologies). At the stand, an interactive installation will allow you to deepen the technological background of the boat and will allow you to discover details and curiosities about E1 and the championship.

The RaceBird presentation should be linked to the news given at the end of April of the constitution of the first E1 team: Venice Racing Team. The new team is the result of the vision of the entrepreneur Francesco Pannoli, and was born to compete in the new E1 championship.

The project as a whole will constitute the first full-electric, and therefore sustainable, platform; with the aim of becoming a reference for the Italian motorboat industry which is starting to face the electrical challenge in transport ships, in different shapes and sizes, in pleasure boats, and in means of transport by water for people (vaporettos, taxis, etc.).

The city of Venice with its involvement in an electric offshore project has the opportunity to position itself at the forefront of the ecological transition by intensifying the commitment of the city and its various socio-economic components. A sustainable mobility event on water could also help to direct tourism proposals in the future towards a responsible public who, sharing the values ​​of Venice, would enrich them with those of sustainability and innovation.

Representatives of E1 and Venice Racing Team will be present at the show to meet the public and illustrate the project. 

Rodi Basso, co-founder & CEO of E1, said: “Venice is an extremely important city for E1. It is, after all, the City on Water, as well as the home of one of our competing teams. We couldn’t think of a better place and occasion to show RaceBird to the public for the first time. This show is a celebration of Venice’s rich maritime history and the perfect platform to launch pioneering new technologies related to the nautical industry ”.

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