Monday, July 15, 2024
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Archaeologists discover 1,300-year-old shipwreck in southwest France

An incredibly rare 1,300 year old shipwreck has been unearthed in southern France near Bordeaux.

Archaeologists have discovered the ship carcass from the Middle Ages under the Garonne river and are having to take great precautions with the remains.

Other artifacts were found within the wreckage.

Laurent Grimbert, Inrap archaeologist said: “Inside the boat, between the floorboards, between the ribs and the hull, we found some ceramic elements, which correspond to the 7th-8th century, so that’ s not too bad,” said Laurent Grimbert, Inrap archaeologist.

“Pieces of leather that may have belonged to someone who worked with leather on board the boat and who threw away a scrap, a fragment of a wooden spoon that may have belonged to someone who lived in the boat or who had lunch there,” he added. 

The boat is being taken apart to uncover its true nature and to learn about shipbuilding in the Middle Ages. 

“The excavation of the wreckage will be finished by mid-September. The site will also be opened to public viewing from this weekend.

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