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Trident is a 328-Foot trimaran concept that’s jam-packed with innovative features

The renowned designer Steve Kozloff unveiled its latest concept. It’s called Trident, and it’s a massive trimaran that’s loaded with incredible features. It has two helipads, a beach club with retractable decks, tilting masts that allow it to travel under most bridges, and much more.

Steve Kozloff is known for creating radical designs, and the Trident is no exception. The vessel measures 328-ft (100 meters) in length, and it features six decks packed with high-end amenities. If the concept ever made it to reality, it would be the largest trimaran in the world.

But its impressive size is not the only thing that stands out when it comes to the Trident. It’s outfitted with a Solid Sail system that allows its free-standing masts to tilt to 70 degrees forward. This makes it possible to navigate below most bridges. And that’s not all. The masts also rotate 360 degrees so the vessel can be oriented in any direction.

Each mast’s boom has an integrated crane system that can load and unload supplies, water toys or seaplanes. Speaking of aircraft, the Trident has two dedicated helipads where aircraft can be stored onboard. It also has a full beam garage that has enough room to store two tenders, a Nemo U-Boat Worx submarine, and other water toys. Moreover, it can store up to six self-inflating lifeboats underneath its main decks.

The Trident has a luxurious beach club where guests can relax. And if that’s not enough, the vessel includes two spas and two large pools as well. On the upper deck, it has a salon with a piano bar and entertainment center that offers incredible panoramic views thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The concept accommodates 26 passengers and a crew of 20. The owner has a generous suite filled with luxury amenities. Guests can access different decks via an elevator or by using the available walkway network.

Other features included onboard are the heated masts, handrails, and doors, which reduce icing issues. In terms of performance, the Trident can navigate at a top speed of 17 knots (20 mph/ 31 kph). It can also cruise at 14 knots (16 mph/ 26 kph) and cover 7,710-mile (12,408-km) distances with diesel power only. The range can be extended when fitted with diesel-electric systems and sail power.

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