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Lonestar Is a Very Elegant Proposition for a Clean Megayacht With Texas Design Elements

Not all things big and flashy are necessarily ugly or lacking grace. Look no further than the latest Kurt Strand megayacht concept, Lonestar, for confirmation.

Kurt Strand, he of the Strand Craft Yachts, is an established designer in the naval industry, with countless projects to his name, both real and studies like Lonestar. Whether it’s a smaller watercraft or a gigantic megayacht, Strand’s designs always stand out, and this one is no different.

Lonestar is a 561-foot (171-meter) megayacht that would bring Texas design elements out on the open sea, the designer explains to us. Strand has been striving to “design the yacht of the future” with every one of his projects, and this one might be it: it has hybrid propulsion and incredible luxury amenities, all wrapped up in a visually striking package that will make any multi-millionaire proud to call his own. We can talk all we want about how what counts is on the inside, but we all know that appearance is also important.

On this account, Lonestar delivers: it’s sleek and elegant, looks fast even in renders, and promises plenty of luxe amenities, if only for its sheer size. Strand says both the exterior and the interior would feature western style elements, like the Texas star, leather, rustic wood, and works by Texas artists. The interior has not been detailed beyond this mention.

Amenities include a helideck on the foredeck, with a hangar to store the aircraft when not in use, and a “love crib” at the bow, just for the owner to take in the panoramic views. The same “love crib” offers access to the master suite, which is equally massive, at 500 square meters (5,382 square feet) – so basically a house within a mansion.

Accommodation would be for 32 guests across 16 cabins and 50 crew members to cater to all their whims and needs. A typical superyacht today can accommodate 12 to 14 guests, but Lonestar wants to stand out in all regards, albeit only on (virtual) paper at this point.

Inside Lonestar’s garages would be no less than six custom tenders of varying sizes, all of them designed to match the mothership. No sense in splashing gazillions of dollars on a megayacht if the tenders are mismatched.

Perhaps more important than all these are the eco-friendly credentials of such a yacht. Strand doesn’t imagine it as a fully-green vessel, but it’s friendlier than current alternatives, and that could be enough to soothe a multi-millionaire’s conscience. Propulsion on Lonestar is by means of hybrid gas turbines that power 4-pod drives of 38,000 hp in total, taking it to a top speed of 24 knots (27.6 mph / 44.5 kph).

Big, beautiful and highly capable – the only thing Lonestar needs right now is for the right multi-millionaire to come along.

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