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Swell superyacht is a feasible concept featuring sweeping lines and a jellyfish aquarium

Anthony Glasson, the man behind the M51 Concepts design studio, seems to know all too well what today’s men of means want from their seacraft and has been creating impressive concepts that take luxury at sea to new levels.

After a Le Mans race cars-inspired superyacht design and one shaped like a volcano on the water, the designer has pulled the wraps off a brand-new superyacht concept, this time focused on providing guests with the ultimate sea experience through a profound connection to their surroundings.

The latest renderings unveiled by M51 Concepts show a 253-foot (77-meter) superyacht concept christened Swell. Designed with the guest’s comfort in mind, this new motor yacht stands out from the crowd with its unique layout and a special addition you don’t often see on other yachts – a multi-story jellyfish aquarium built in the entertainment area.

M51 Concepts strives to create “modern, stylish, and functional yacht designs” that could one day be turned into reality. Glasson’s extensive experience working as an engineer on vessels up to 295 feet (90 meters) allows him to come up with “feasible original designs that don’t have to be drastically changed when taken from the screen and into production to sailing the ocean,” as the designer himself mentions on the studio’s webpage.

According to Glasson, the name of the concept gives away the inspiration for the new yacht’s exterior styling, whose design is dominated by long and curvy lines from bow to stern, flowing in a way that reminisces how waves move on the ocean.

While featuring a well-proportioned and pleasing shape, Swell comes with an axe-like bow, sharp and narrow, that would allow it to cut through the water and pass through waves with less pitching.

Swell’s exterior also features some huge windows that offer a great view of its luxurious penthouse-style interior.

Outdoor spaces create a natural flow between decks and provide plenty of opportunities for socializing. The upper deck includes a dining area with seating for twelve, a main entertaining area built around a Jacuzzi, as well as various sun pads and sun loungers for guests to use for relaxation and sun-soaking.

In terms of interior space, the designer adopted the minimalist approach, though there are some elements that certainly put the vessel in the luxury class.

“Her split deck levels above the watertight deck are also able to accommodate her distinctive ocean swell exterior profile,” Anthony Glasson says about it.

Swell is envisioned with eight guest staterooms that will offer accommodation for up to twelve guests. The suites are distributed equally between the yacht’s main deck and lower deck. Unlike most superyachts, Swell does not have a master suite. Instead, the designer opted for eight equally sized staterooms, with the main deck ones boasting floor-to-ceiling windows for spectacular views of the ocean.

Onboard amenities include everything discerning owners would expect from a luxury superyacht, such as a wellness center, a gym, a swimming pool, plenty of lounging spaces, as well as water sports equipment. Additionally, the conceptual yacht is equipped with a full-beam garage that can house two tenders and jet skis for guests to enjoy the full ocean experience.

The highlight of this 253-foot yacht concept is the open interior entertainment area, which offers a bar, lounge areas, a dining space, and a jellyfish aquarium that extends on multiple levels. Jellyfish aquariums are a popular trend now in terms of interior decoration, and guests onboard Swell would be able to watch the mesmerizing sea animals drawing soothing movements through some oval openings in the tanks.

Performance and efficiency were also on the designer’s mind when creating this conceptual superyacht, so he envisioned it with hybrid propulsion systems. If this design piques a potential customer’s interest, the vessel will be built with a combination of a main engine, three electrical generators, and a battery pack.

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