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2023 ORC VPP and Rules now available

The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is pleased to announce its 2023 Rules and the Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) are now available. Distribution of the ORC Manager software that runs the VPP to generate certificates, ORC Speed Guides and other ORC products has been made to ORC Rating Offices around the world.

The 2023 VPP is equipped to rate monohulls from Sportboats to Superyachts with or without foils as well as Multihulls, and includes upgrades to both the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic models for all boat types, along with numerous other improvements to the system.

These are summarized in the Summary of Rule Changes document available here.

The 2023 VPP has also been loaded for online access to the system through the ORC Sailor Services portal so that test certificates, Speed Guides, and Target Speeds may also be run by registered users of Sailor Services. Registration to this system is free at

It is important to note that those who want to get valid new or renewed ORC certificates for 2023 must first contact their national Rating Office on what procedures are necessary and when that office will be ready to issue certificates. A list of Rating Office contacts are at

With the final 2023 VPP new CDL limits have been confirmed for 2023 ORC World and European Championship events. They are as follows and will be updated in each event’s Notice of Race:

Class A: 16.400 = CDL > 11.690
Class B: 11.690 = CDL > 9.860
Class C: 9.860 = CDL > 8.320

The link to observe and/or download the 2023 Rule books is at

The new 2023 ORC Designer’s VPP and ORC Editor software used to create DXT files is also now available in dropdown options from the Software tab on the ORC home page –

2023 certificates for Multihulls will be available by contacting

“We are excited to offer our products to the sailing public early in this new year,” said Bruno Finzi, Chairman of ORC. “Our ORC technical staff has been working hard in the last few weeks to finalize the changes to the program approved at our Congress meeting and make this ready now so that teams may prepare their boats and race committees can also anticipate changes needed for their events in the new season.”

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