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Double Luck, the brainchild of Lobanov Design and Oceanco

Lobanov Design, a relatively young design studio based in Spain, has teamed up with Dutch yacht builder Oceanco to create an innovative new sailing yacht concept that takes inspiration from classic sports cars and aims to reduce fossil fuel usage by up 30 percent.

Baptized Double Luck or ?+?, which means “88” in Mandarin Chinese, the yacht measures – you guessed it – 88 meters in length (289 feet). The name has been chosen because 8 is considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture, symbolizing fortune and good luck.

Boasting naval architecture by Oceanco and Dykstra Naval Architects, Double Luck is presented as an ultra-quiet yacht that features a two-story winter garden, a beach club, and a huge swimming pool.

It features a sleek and minimalist exterior design, with a smooth sheer line, long curving side lines, and minimal sharp edges, similar to the elegant bodywork you see in the automotive industry. Moreover, the yacht’s distinct profile is highlighted by the superstructure styled like the aerodynamic cockpit of a coupe.

We wanted the yacht to give a feeling of the best classic British Gran Turismo cars of the past,” Lobanov Design has said. “The bow has a little reverse inclination, while the sheer line smoothly goes down towards the low aft.”

Designers have envisioned the vessel with two exterior colorways, namely black with copper details or white with yellow gold accents.

As far as interior design is concerned, the sailing yacht concept features a calm and serene atmosphere, inspired by Asian Zen design. The renderings do not show many images of the interior, but Lobanov Design mentions it has used soft shapes, organic materials, and flowing lines on all surfaces to create symmetry and a unified style in order to achieve that feeling of peace and balance.

“The silence, the balance, and the connection with the nature surrounding is a very important part of sailing. It’s something that has to be considered when you want to design a sailing yacht,” Lobanov commented.

The design studio has chosen to center the interior around the vessel’s two exterior masts, and used them as the focal point for design elements like the forward Zen garden or the main saloon, thus creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Other highlights of the project include a two-deck winter garden, a large aft-deck swimming pool, and sea terraces in the beach club.

Sustainability and environmental impact were also important focus points when creating this concept. Double Luck features the Dutch shipyard’s emission-cutting LIFE Design to decrease fuel consumption, paired with Dykstra DynaRig sailing system for optimal power recovery. Oceano claims this particular yacht project would be able to cruise in silence using 30% less fossil fuel. Moreover, the sailing system is so easy to use that a single crew member can operate it within six minutes.

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