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Joseph Forakis’ Pegasus superyacht concept is as luxurious as it is futuristic

We’ve seen solar-powered boats, hydrogen-fueled vessels, and yacht concepts boasting lush gardens onboard. What if all of these technologies were merged into a single amazing superyacht that would also premiere 3D printing for this high-end segment? No doubt one of the most exciting superyacht concepts this year, Joseph Forakis’ Pegasus is as luxurious as it is futuristic.

Joseph Forakis never ceases to amaze with his bold designs, reflecting a rich background that seamlessly connects art and culture with bio-medicine and the latest tech developments.

The Pegasus makes other so-called eco-friendly vessels seem just as outdated as the diesel-burning ones. Its ultra-modern, striking silhouette is matched only by the advanced technology on board. Yet, this is no floating laboratory inspired by spacecraft, but a pleasure craft that offers all the luxuries of superyachts.

At 288 feet (88 meters) this mammoth vessel is designed to stay invisible, literally and figuratively. Thanks to the metallic finish of the hull, together with mirrored glass on the superstructure comprised of futuristic-looking multi-tiered wings, Pegasus reflects the sky and its natural surroundings as it glides on the water, redefining the meaning of “stealth”.

This connection with nature goes much deeper, down to the yacht’s invisibility in terms of the environmental footprint. Forget bulky solar panels and conventionally-produced hydrogen. The yacht’s glass superstructure hides transparent panels that capture solar power, generating electricity for the process of salt-water desalination, and for the electrolyzer.

The electrolyzer, in turn, extracts hydrogen from sea water, which is then converted to electricity through a fuel cell system. The resulting electricity, stored in Li-on batteries, is used to power everything onboard the Pegasus, from the operating system and azimuth pods, to all of its electrical systems.

Inside, Pegasus is just as spectacular. Like a floating science laboratory, it reveals an incredible hydroponic garden in the shape of a “Tree of Life” spanning multiple levels. While the superyacht’s solar panels and fuel cell system are hard at work delivering clean energy, its onboard garden purifies the air and even provides fresh fruit and vegetables. At the same time, this hydroponic growing system is sustained using clean water obtained by filtering gray water.

As you can see, Pegasus is virtually a self-sufficient eco-system, disguised as a sumptuous luxury toy with the typical beach club, jacuzzi, owner’s private deck, and generous balconies.

If being a clean energy machine wasn’t enough, this bold concept is groundbreaking in terms of construction methods as well. Forakis claims that it will become the world’s first 3D-printed superyacht. This process will be used to create an innovative “mesh framework” for both the hull and the superstructure, cutting building time, using less energy, and with less waste.

Perhaps one day, all the superyachts owned by the world’s richest people will be as clean as Pegasus, ushering in an era of truly green luxury.

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