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World’s largest sailing ship is turning cruising into a high-glam experience

While some of us might be dealing with the winter blues and day-to-day tasks, the lucky folks who are currently embarked on Club Med 2 are having the time of their lives in the Caribbean. What makes this particular cruise journey so special is that it’s highly sophisticated in many ways, and much of that is owed to the vessel itself, one of the most spectacular sailing beauties in operation.

For those who can’t afford a personal sailing superyacht, the Club Med 2 could be the next best thing. It’s similar to a superyacht not just in size, but also in luxury. It even claims to be the largest sailing yacht in the world, although the one that will soon be operated by another luxury hospitality brand, Orient Express, is a serious contender. Even so, with a length of 614 feet (187 meters) and five spectacular masts, the Club Med 2 is one of the most impressive yachts of its kind.

Sailing cruise ships are rare, which only makes them even more special. In the case of the French travel and tourism operator Club Med (previously known as Club Mediterranee) the Club Med 2 is its only yacht. Don’t get confused because of the misleading name – the Club Med 1 was sold decades ago, in 1997, for $45 million, and has since been operated by Windstar Cruises, part of Holland America Line.

This is how Club Med 2 remained the only Club Med yacht and, after a recent refit, we could say that it’s almost a brand-new one. Although the refit didn’t take more than a few months, it was a complex process worth more than $10 million.

The old ship (it’s been in service since 1992) got brand-new sails, a complete renovation of its all-teak decks (totaling an impressive 2,700 square meters/29,000 square feet) and many other smaller changes. The onboard areas were also refreshed – the welcome area, now renamed the Yacht Club Lounge, was completely renovated, as well as the Monte Carlo restaurant (previously known as Magellan) while the two glamorous bars onboard were redesigned.

After this much-needed refit (the yacht had been refurbished only once prior to that) the renovated Club Med 2 has recently set off on its maiden voyage in the Caribbean. During this trip, it spoils guests not just with the typical French sophistication, but also with eco-friendly features.

This massive vessel manages to effortlessly cut fuel consumption by up to 30% thanks to its huge sails, while onboard service minimizes food waste, bans the use of plastic, and focuses on organic choices as much as possible.

Fitted with 184 luxurious cabins that can accommodate 368 passengers, this spectacular sailing yacht isn’t just a greener and more elegant option, but also has the benefit of a shallow draft, which means that it can reach places where conventional cruise ships don’t have access.

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