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Anthony Glasson is going where no man has gone before with his latest trimaran concept M51

Prolific yacht designer Anthony Glasson of design studio M51 Concepts has revealed the renderings for a new superyacht concept showing an imposing watercraft with open decks, a wave-piercing hull, and a sleek profile.

While for his previous creations, like the Swell, Vector, or Le Mans superyachts, the designer ditched the sharp lines and replaced them with smooth, curvy lines and soft edges to achieve a sporty appearance, the latest concept seems to embrace a different direction. Project Enterprise, as this trimaran concept is called, boasts a striking hull with angular lines that remind us of paper boats.

And if you haven’t figured it out already, the name of the concept gives away the inspiration for the exterior styling. As Glasson himself confesses, he came up with the design after binge-watching the first season of Star Trek, and he unconsciously put to paper design elements that reminisce the fictitious galactic air vehicle Enterprise Starship.

“The exterior styling inspiration was only obvious once I had finished watching the first season of Star Trek and realized I had subconsciously designed a yacht that resembled the original Star Trek USS Enterprise,” Glasson commented.

Photo: Anthony Glasson/ M51 ConceptsIf you’re not familiar with M51 Concepts’ designs, learn that the studio is known for envisioning “modern, stylish, and functional yacht designs” that could one day be turned into actual superyachts. This is also the case with the latest Enterprise concept, a 275-foot (84-meter) trimaran that meets all the needs of a luxury superyacht, with open decks that feature mini pools and generous open spaces for parties and gatherings.

When creating the sharp yet wide trimaran hull, the designer was actually thinking about its functionality, as he wanted to incorporate a “courtyard,” and that’s why the Enterprise needed to feature such a wide beam (it measures 65 feet/ 20 meters).

Said courtyard is one of the key design elements of this superyacht concept and is positioned on the sundeck. It is fully enclosed, but a glass partition allows a climate-controlled environment and spectacular 180-degree views of the surroundings. On the top level, there is a jacuzzi smack in the middle of the room, with an open roof above it, allowing natural light to flood the space.

Photo: Anthony Glasson/ M51 ConceptsThe other levels include a comfy-looking lounge area with a large sofa that winds and bends following the wall’s curves, a bar, and even a full gym. A central circular elevator servicing all decks provides access to this novel space.

The dedicated gym area has the equipment positioned right in front of the windows, so guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea while exercising. And after they get their heart rate up, they can sit back and relax on the open deck with the C-shaped sofa on the deck below.

Luxury amenities and entertainment-focused areas were Glasson’s main priorities when designing the open decks. The bridge deck, for instance, houses an owner’s office and day lounge, while the upper deck is envisioned with an open-plan main lounge, a bar, and a dining space that offers panoramic views. Finally, on the main deck, there is a beach club, a hot tub, and the living quarters.

Accommodation on board Project Enterprise is for up to 12 guests in eight staterooms. The owner benefits from a large full-beam master suite, while the seven guest cabins can be arranged in a flexible accommodation layout.

Photo: Anthony Glasson/ M51 ConceptsOutdoor spaces are also focused on relaxation and entertainment, with no less than three jacuzzis, generous lounges, an alfresco dining space, and a spacious toy garage for when the owners and their guests want to explore the ocean away from the mothership. There is also a helicopter landing pad aft, with the space offering flexibility for customization, so the owner can decide to have a tender garage instead.

Openness and a feeling of seamless connection between interior and exterior spaces seem to characterize the Star Trek-inspired Project Enterprise, with lots of windows encircling interior spaces and bringing the outside in.

In terms of interior style and color palette, the designer doesn’t seem to aim for unity, as the renderings show that each room has its own personality. The room with the hot tub in the middle, for instance, has dark wood walls contrasted with slabs of light wood on the floors. The lounging area boasts a softer aesthetic, with beige walls, white sofas, and powder blue carpets, while the dining hall on the next floor below sports a more sophisticated look with neutral tones, silver accents, and warm light.

Equipped with a hybrid propulsion system that would provide a range of 5,000 nautical miles, the Enterprise superyacht concept is described by the designer as an “adventure yacht” rather than a full-fledged explorer. According to Glasson, the all-aluminum multihull design comes with some perks over monohulls of a similar size and volume, one of which is a 30 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

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