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JCraft Torpedo: Beautiful, artistic, exclusive

The Torpedo is built on the founding principles of passion and grace, artfully marrying beautiful materials, exquisitely engineered details, distinctive design and discreet state-of-the-art technology.

Combined with exhilarating performance, the Torpedo elicits an emotional response, whether enjoying relaxation at anchor or scything through waves at close to 50 knots.This emotion is tangible; it can be seen in the faces of those that experience it. It can be heard in the enthusiasm of those that own it. It is demonstrated in the actions of those that design and build it.Taking ownership of a Torpedo is to become part of the J Craft family. In a very real sense, every boat is born out of the passions of a small, dedicated group of people who have nursed each boat from its conception to its glorious present.A new owner becomes part of the J Craft story – part of something far greater than the sum of its parts. It is around these cornerstones that we build the exclusive J Craft brand of retro-style day boats built for those with a passion for beauty, artistry and excellence.

J Craft Torpedo – photo © J Craft Boats

Beautiful, artistic, exclusive

As exclusive as she is beautiful, the J Craft yacht is among the rarest vessels to be encountered on the water. Only 27 J Crafts are in existence today, each takes one year – or some 8,000+ (wo)man hours to build – and each J Craft is carefully handcrafted and highly bespoke for a discerning owner who appreciates art, craftsmanship and the one-of-a-kind.

J Craft Torpedo – photo © J Craft Boats

J Craft is a unique brand that has evolved through a word of mouth, with one owner’s appreciation and enthusiasm passing on to the next. Each owner becomes intimately passionate about the brand, considering himself a steward of the ideology.

Our owners demand excellence. They value simplicity. They know the feel of perfection and it is not just about looking good, it’s about being genuine. They appreciate the craftsmanship and the artistry poured into every build, the mahogany finish, the bespoke details created just for them.

J Craft Torpedo – photo © J Craft Boats

A bespoke approach

As with so much in life, enjoyment is often found in the little artistic details and J Craft is no exception. From the sumptuous leathers and handcrafted cabinetry, to the genuine Nardi steering wheel and gorgeous fabrics, joy is derived from the tactility of the vessel and the understanding that, to J Craft, the little things count.

The Torpedo is an infinitely tailorable vessel, from powertrains to onboard technology and down to the smallest detail. J Craft works closely with each client to ensure that every J Craft is tailored to their exact requirements. Past customers have specified unique colours and materials. Some have, in conjunction with our team, designed their own luggage sets, individual clothing, deck plans, matching materials and leathers to their cars and designed tailored picnic baskets.

From unique colours and materials, bespoke luggage sets, 2,000-watt music systems as well as leather clad original Nardi steering wheels, leather accents to the dashboard and a rose polished stainless steel instrument panel, to designs requiring significant structural modifications, with a J Craft, the only limit is that of the client’s imagination.

J Craft Torpedo – photo © J Craft Boats

A rich choice of colours

The J Craft Torpedo is available in 13 hull colours and 10 interior colours, each of which gives the Torpedo a different character. These can be enhanced with options such as two-tone colour schemes, seat piping, and diamond stitching. The J Craft design team is also happy to discuss bespoke options, which in the past have included the use of exclusive fabrics from Loro Piana, Hermes, Ralph Lauren and LVMH.

However, there are a number of optional colours and the hull can also be given the Bespoke treatment. For those that prefer the all-wood look, the topsides can be specified in lacquered mahogany.

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