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Dalton Reveals Emirates Team New Zealand’s Evolution Post-2021 Cup

Emirates Team New Zealand is gearing up for its return to the waters of Auckland, and CEO Grant Dalton recently shared insights into the team’s developments and expectations. In an interview on The Platform with Martin Devlin, Dalton covered various aspects, highlighting the team’s strengthened lineup, improvements in communication, and a radical shift in AC75 design.

Emirates Team New Zealand CEO, Grant Dalton makes a point to COO Kevin Shoebridge, between races – Challenger Final, Day 3 – 35th America’s Cup – Day 16 – Bermuda June 12, 2017 – photo © Richard Gladwell

Key Points:

1. Strengthened Team Dynamics:

  • Dalton emphasized changes made to the crew, including the addition of Nathan Outteridge.
  • Outteridge’s role allows Peter Burling to focus on speed, splitting tasks and enhancing on-board communication.
  • The team has matured significantly, with improved communication and a more robust sailing team.

2. Post-2021 Cup Review:

  • A critical review followed the 2021 America’s Cup, despite the team’s victory.
  • Dalton stressed the need to stay tough and avoid becoming complacent, a common pitfall for defending champions.
  • Decision-making rigor and personnel evaluations were key areas targeted for improvement.

3. AC75 Design Evolution:

  • The upcoming AC75 design is described as radically different from Te Rehutai, the previous vessel.
  • Dalton compared Te Rehutai to a battleship, highlighting the significant changes in the new design.
  • Anticipates the next generation of AC75s to be 10% faster than those used in the 2021 Cup.

4. Future Expectations:

  • Dalton expressed confidence in the team’s performance, indicating a stronger team compared to the 2021 Cup.
  • The CEO expects the next AC75s to achieve a 10% speed boost, showcasing advancements in design and technology.

Conclusion: Emirates Team New Zealand’s proactive approach to team dynamics, continuous improvement, and the promise of an innovative AC75 design signal their commitment to maintaining a competitive edge. As they prepare to defend the America’s Cup in Barcelona in 2024, Dalton’s insights provide a glimpse into the team’s unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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