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Artificial intelligence takes center stage at Yacht Club de Monaco

Under the aegis of its collective Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting approach to build the future of yachting, Yacht Club de Monaco hosted a fascinating talk on artificial intelligence (AI) by the visionary Marco Landi, former Vice-President of Apple worldwide and Chairman of the Institut EuropIA.  

In the YCM’s iconic venue combining tradition and modernity, Marco Landi shared his insights on the rapid evolution of AI, highlighting in particular its transformative role in contemporary society. 

The conference began with an engaging introduction by Marco Landi, pointing out the recent advances in artificial intelligence and its expanding role in our daily lives. Mr Landi stressed the importance of understanding the ethical and social implications of this fast-changing technology. 

“I am convinced artificial intelligence will change man’s thinking, perception and reality and in doing so will alter humanity’s history and identity” declared Marco Landi. “We’re already seeing how machines learn and apply logic that is beyond the scope of human reason. Even though humans will continue to control the world, societies have to cooperate not just to understand it but also to adapt,” he added. 

The presentation explored concrete examples illustrating AI’s impact in areas as varied as mobility, health and crucially the nautical industry with the emergence of smart marinas and smart ports and the use of increasingly effective AI-aided navigation tools, demonstrating the versatility and revolutionary potential of this approach. 

Much of the talk focused on discussing generative artificial intelligence. “It’s a new breakthrough that could radically change the way we approach content creation, marketing, education and business,” said Marco Landi adding that “education in schools will be radically affected and require rigorous monitoring by parents and teachers”. 

The Q&A session that followed was an opportunity for Yacht Club de Monaco members to discuss issues with Marco Landi, further enhancing everyone’s understanding of current and future challenges posed by AI for our society. “We must exploit the wealth of opportunities that artificial intelligence will create and prepare for a better life, a less polluted world and humans rediscovering values that make life worth living,” he concluded. 

Artificial Intelligence will again be in the spotlight on 21/22 March at the 2nd Smart Yacht Rendezvous, organised by Yacht Club de Monaco during Monaco Ocean Week. “We are integrating AI into our daily lives, sometimes without even realising it. Many solutions have already been developed in the yachting sector, tools that I hope will help us towards more sustainable yachting,” said YCM General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri. 

 The Institut EuropIA invited everyone to attend the World Artificial Cannes Festival (WAICF), a global event on Artificial Intelligence taking place in Cannes from 8-10 February. 

The Institut EuropIA, based in Sophia Antipolis, is a non-profit organisation that aims to raise awareness and educate the general public and businesses on the issues and challenges around artificial intelligence. 

Founded in 2018 and chaired by Marco Landi, the Institute’s mission is to put humans and an ethical approach at the heart of AI in reflecting on the world’s future. The Institut EuropIA is at the crossroads of technological research, entrepreneurial initiatives and keynote international interdisciplinary meetings. It aims to provide a national and international showcase of cutting edge expertise and the artificial intelligence ecosystem of the Alpes-Maritimes, making it a ‘Land of AI’. 

The ultimate goal is to prepare to respond to the challenges our society faces, particularly those related to the digital transition, via ethical AI that puts humans at the centre of its activities. Thanks to an open and friendly approach, the Institut EuropIA is able to capitalise on the diversity and collective intelligence of its members, drawing on a wide-ranging academic and economic network. It aims to increase the general public’s knowledge, generate employment and create opportunities for businesses. 

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