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Emirates Team New Zealand: Detailing Success in Auckland’s Summer Waters

Emirates Team New Zealand took advantage of a clear day in Auckland to conduct thorough testing of their trims, flight, and foil details. Skipper Peter Burling was observed meticulously inspecting the foil arms and wings, focusing on minute details for optimal performance. When asked about their activities, Burling mentioned they were experimenting with various adjustments and conceptual ideas. Despite the busy schedule, the team expressed satisfaction with the progress and looked forward to further development in the coming weeks.

Asked about the new AC75, in build at the moment and slated for launch in April, Pete put it all in perspective saying: “It’s exciting now that three teams have declared that they’re going to be launching in the next couple of months, yeah it’s going to be a really interesting time of the campaign to see what people have actually been up to in private behind their own lines and it’s all coming to the pointy end now.”

Emirates Team New Zealand have blocked out the next three days as potential sailing sessions. The grind goes on for the Defenders of the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup. (Magnus Wheatley)

On-Water Recon Report – Emirates Team New Zealand: Day 65 with ETNZ in the LEQ12 out on the Hauraki Gulf. With a wind delay this morning the team docked out at 12pm after the rain showers had passed and the breeze started to build again. Light NEs allowing for a start off Mechanics Bay with the M2 Main and J2 Jib.

Taking off in around 5.5 knots, the team sailed upwind out the harbour in search of more wind. Tacking their way out the Rangitoto channel and continuing up the shoreline short tacking to stay in the wind. Recon team observed differences in heel angle modes from tack to tack, sailing the boat much flatter on starboard. Beating up the Rangitoto shoreline the team spent time putting in many tacks.

Stopping for lunch and a battery change about 1pm they continued beating up the Rangitoto Island and Motutapu Island shore testing different flying modes as the swell increased. In a dying wind the Recon observed the team requiring more steering input to keep the LEQ12 flying. After a touch down exiting a tack, the team required a tow to get back on the foils as the wind was very light. Completing a solid bear away in light wind the team ran down the shoreline towards Auckland. Being bottom end of the wind range conditions the team needed very high exit angles out of the gybes. 

After sailing downwind back to just east of Rangitoto Lighthouse the team stopped to inspect the Starboard foil. Having a look for about 5 minutes they continued sailing showing no signs of concern. Beating back up the shoreline they failed to foil through a tack and spent a long while building to get back on the foil. Popping after some time the team bore away spending a long gybe on starboard. Then completing a round up and stopping to check over the Port foil. Showing no signs of concern they continued sailing down the harbour completing a few more manoeuvres and a short up and downwind lap in the inner harbour, before completing the day in Mechanics Bay.

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