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The Ultimate Superyacht with a Detachable Private Airship

Why stop at equipping your gigantic, super luxurious floating toy with a helicopter, when you could do so much better – like, say, spec with a sizable blimp that would extend exploration possibilities well beyond the realm of what a helicopter could do? So Lazzarini is bringing an iconic aircraft of this kind into modern times just to show how amazing that scenario would be.

Pierpaolo Lazzarini and his eponymous design studio are fixtures in the superyacht industry. Lazzarini Design gets credit for one outstanding luxury watercraft, the Jet Capsule, that made the transition from the digital page to reality, but the name is mostly associated with the most daring, outrageous, and downright bonkers superyacht concepts.

In recent years, Lazzarini has also branched out into aircraft concepts, be they flying cars or airships. The Colossea is a surprising combination of both, a megayacht with the most luxurious features that nonetheless stands out for its ability to double as a floating dock for an airship.

Colossea is a megayacht with a detachable superstructure, and that superstructure just happens to be a blimp. It’s not just any blimp, though: it’s a modern interpretation of the iconic, history-making Norge (ex N1), which marked the first verified expedition to the North Pole on May 12, 1926. The creation of Roald Amundsen and Lincoln Ellsworth, it was piloted to glory by Captain Umberto Nobile at a time when humanity’s dream of flight was just beginning.

Lazzarini believes the Norge is worth revisiting, but in a form that would make it relevant to today’s needs by incorporating today’s technologies. In honor of the historic airship, he still names the blimp “Norge” and anchors it on the itinerant dock that is the Colossea megayacht. How’s that for ultra-deluxe living?

The megayacht would have a total length of 204 meters (669 feet), which alone would qualify it for a new world record. It would pack the most incredible amenities possible, from a large helipad and an oversize pool at the bow to a garage packed with exploring gear of all kinds. But its biggest feature would be the detachable blimp, 106 meters (347 feet) in length and an all-carbon-fiber body that could take off at a moment’s notice.

When the Norge airship takes off, it reveals a Colosseum-like upper deck on the Colossea (see what Lazzarini did there?!) with columns and open-air lounges, and the most breathtaking waterfall pool. There’s no reason to ditch the fancy features if you’re heading out on an exploration mission, let alone if it’s an imagined one.

The airship is powered by 8 electric engines and is made up of 22 isolated compartments that hold the batteries, liquid hydrogen (LH2) tanks, and cabins. The roof of the airship is covered in solar panels, but the motors are powered by LH2 and capable of maxing at 90 knots (103.5 mph/167 kph).

Propulsion for the megayacht comes from 4 HTS engines, with a maximum speed of 22 knots (25.3 mph/41 kph) and the possibility to use the airship propellers for a more efficient sailing experience. In other words, if push came to shove, the megayacht could get an extra small boost by turning on the airship propellers.

The Norge in this reimagined form would have a payload of 10,000 kg (22,046 lbs) and accommodation for 24 passengers and 10 crew. It would make for a handy exploration vehicle and for a very luxurious toy in the mothership garage: not only would it be capable of transporting guests to land in regions where the megayacht wouldn’t have access, but it could double as the main mode of transportation over extended periods.

The megayacht, on the other hand, would be where the real party was happening.

Lazzarini imagines it with accommodation for at least 44 guests across 22 “dislocated” suites and 20 crew members. Entertainment options would abound on the “multiple decks,” but the design studio only mentions and visualizes the pools. Given its size, the Colossea could easily fit every bell and whistle imaginable, from private cinemas, wine cellars, car galleries, spas, restaurants, you name it.

That said, the Colossea only exists in the digital realm right now and will most likely stay there for the immediate future, to say the least. The only thing “real” about it as of this writing is Lazzarini’s attempt to get Elon Musk’s attention for the project. In the video presentation below, the Norge airship flies a banner that reads, “Elon get in touch!”

Musk’s tech and money would definitely be useful to bring this giant into reality, but it’s wise if Lazzarini counts on neither. 

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