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Luna Rossa’s AC75 Departs Persico Marine En Route to Cagliari

The anticipation builds as Luna Rossa’s AC75 departs from Persico Marine’s boatyard, embarking on its journey to Cagliari. This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment in the team’s America’s Cup campaign, bringing them one step closer to the upcoming challenges on the water.

Luna Rossa AC 75

As the vessel sets sail towards its destination, excitement brews among sailing enthusiasts and supporters worldwide. The AC75 represents the culmination of meticulous design, engineering, and preparation, promising a thrilling spectacle on the seas.

Luna Rossa AC 75

With the Luna Rossa team’s expertise and determination, the AC75 is poised to showcase its prowess in the waters of Cagliari. As the vessel arrives at its new home, anticipation mounts for the adventures and competitions that lie ahead.

Stay tuned as Luna Rossa’s AC75 continues its journey, bringing the spirit of competition and innovation to the heart of the America’s Cup.

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