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Zuckerberg Buys $300 Million Russian Superyacht

Mark Zuckerberg has brought his brand new toys home to the United States. The Facebook founder, who is said to be the owner of a brand new megayacht built by Feadship, Launchpad and is expected to board the vessel soon, now that it’s successfully completed its maiden journey.

The first reports about Zuckerberg’s desire to become a superyacht owner began making the rounds in late 2023 and were eventually confirmed at the beginning of March 2024 – though never officially so. Zuckerberg, one of the last centibillionaires to get into the super-exclusive club of megayacht owners, had finally joined the party after buying a new Feadship vessel, as well as an older shadow yacht to accompany it on its future travels.

The rumors were rooted in sightings of Zuckerberg in the Netherlands, where he’d asked for a private tour of Project 1010, a megayacht commissioned by Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin before the latest round of international sanctions prompted by the Ruso-Ukrainian war. Since Feadship could no longer deliver the build after completion because Potanin’s name was included on those sanctions lists, it sought special permission from the government to sell it to a non-sanctioned individual.

That individual is Zuckerberg. With Project 1010, which he’s since renamed Launchpad, he also got Wingman (ex-Dapple), a superb and very competent shadow vessel built by Damen Yachting and previously owned by Valve founder Gabe Newell. The total cost of these new purchases is estimated at a combined $330 million – an insane fortune for normies and even multi-millionaires but a mere drop in Zuckerberg’s bucket.

The other day, Launchpad successfully completed its maiden journey from Europa, arriving in Port Everglades in Florida, according to superyacht vlogger eSysman Superyachts, who also happens to be one of the most reliable trade sources. Coincidence or not, Wingman is also in Florida at a nearby dock. While it’s still broadcasting until its old name of Dapple, chances are the two are getting ready for summer cruising with their new owner.

Neither Zuckerberg nor Feadship will ever put out a statement to confirm ownership, but the incoming summer season might render such a statement useless. If there’s one thing superyacht-owning one-percenters have in common with us mortals, it’s the desire to put their purchases to good use – which, in this particular case, means summer cruisin’ for Zuckerberg onboard Launchpad, with Wingman in tow.

If this happens, it won’t just confirm ownership but also offer a better look at this spectacular build, which, at 118 meters (387 feet) in total length and over 5,000 GT of interior volume, is the largest vessel to leave Feadship in the yard’s storied history. With an estimated value of $250 million to $300 million, it’s bound to be one of the most luxurious vessels out there, as well.

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