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Luxury yacht cargo ships still arriving in Palma

While shipping has mostly been confined to the transportation of essential goods and products, there hasn’t been any particular restriction placed on the arrival of ships with a specific luxury cargo – yachts.

Last weekend, the HC Melina cargo ship arrived in Palma from Southampton before later heading for Malta. It was carrying yachts and wasn’t the only ship to have come to Majorca with this type of cargo since the state of alarm was declared. The week before, Yacht Express, which had crossed the Atlantic from Port Everglades and was carrying a dozen yachts, docked in Palma. It then left for Fos-sur-Mer near Marseille. Two other ships with yachts had arrived in Palma around the same time – the Panagia, which had come from Antigua, and the Heerengracht, which had left the Netherlands for Southampton before coming to Palma and then heading for Nice.

Although Majorca’s ports and marinas are closed to recreational activities, there is special authorisation to move yachts that are brought in from overseas to their respective ports on the island.

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