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Scuba diving in Malaysia

Looking for a new scuba diving travel destination? Read on and discover: Scuba Diving in Malaysia, a guest post by Michelle Williams.

Scuba diving in Malaysia is usually divided into two locations; Peninsular Malaysia (land-locked, tropical rainforests), and Malaysian Borneo (shoreline and coral reefs). Both locations offer unique diving opportunities which are discussed here.

Peninsular Malaysia consists of an island chain along the Malay Peninsula and surrounding areas. This region includes the popular diving destination of Phuket, where scuba diving and snorkeling are common activities. In addition to Phuket, there are numerous other popular diving spots in Peninsular Malaysia including Kuta and Pulau Ubin, on which numerous dive tours and adventures are offered. The area also features some of the most beautiful and exotic coral reefs, making it a popular dive site for scuba divers all over the world.

Malaysia’s second largest island, Langkawi, lies offshore of Peninsular Malaysia and provides an excellent diving spot. The area is home to many shallow caves and coves, which offer beautiful dive spots for scuba divers from all over the world. The diving locations include Kuta and Pulau Ubin, where multiple dive tours and adventures are offered.

Born out of Malaysia’s Peninsular region, Borneo offers some of the best scuba diving in the country. Borneo is a tropical paradise with large tropical rainforests, tropical jungles, and beautiful islands. The waters offer unique scuba diving because the reef and surrounding areas tend to stay relatively clear and clean of debris. For the most part, Borneos scuba dive sites remain pristine, offering scuba divers the opportunity to explore underwater life and observe marine wildlife. The diving is offered by a variety of diving shops in Borneos, which provide specialized dive packages.

Malaysia has long been known for diving, and has been a favorite place for scuba divers for many years. Over the centuries, scuba diving has provided scuba divers with a chance to view a diverse array of exotic and colorful marine life, as well as a great deal of fun.

Scuba diving also provides a unique opportunity for people who want a unique vacation experience. Most diving sites in Malaysia require guests to have a certification to dive and also need to know how to handle equipment and the dangers of diving in the underwater environment. While some diving sites do not require a scuba certification, most do.

Diving in Malaysia offers many other activities as well. There are plenty of beaches, water sports, and shopping venues to visit. Scuba divers can participate in snorkeling, snorkel, and scuba diving lessons.

While diving is the main activity associated with diving in Malaysia, scuba diving in Borneos offers plenty of activities besides diving. Most dive sites offer snorkeling, kayaking, snorkeling and diving competitions, and a range of other water activities such as snorkeling with dolphins, or kayaking through the waves, on a jet ski, or on a raft. In addition to diving, scuba divers can participate in fishing, snorkeling, and other water sports, as well. Many dive sites also offer special programs, such as dolphin shows or whale watching, and diving with humpback whales.

Because scuba diving in Malaysia is becoming a popular activity, it has become difficult for some of these dive sites to keep their facilities up to date and attract new clients. With this said, it is important for scuba divers to take the time to check with their local diving shop or resort and make sure that they are qualified and certified to work at the site.

A number of dive shops and resorts provide scuba certification courses, although these courses are not always offered in Malaysia itself. If you want to learn to scuba dive in Malaysia, or to start diving at a local dive shop or resort, it is important to ask about certification courses, before you arrive. Most dive shops will offer these classes if they are located in the country itself, or near the area in which you intend to dive.

In addition to checking with the dive shop or resort where you plan to dive, you should also check online for a list of local certified dive shops and resorts. These are listed on websites that offer scuba diving tours, and some of them even list the course that is required to qualify to begin scuba diving in Malaysia. In addition to online listings, you should also look for local forums online, as some dive shops and resorts will post their own list of scuba certification courses.

If you have never dived before, but would like to try your hand at scuba diving in Malaysia, there are plenty of places available. A good starting point is a local diving school, as they will help you get started on your dive journey and may even teach you how to dive properly, and can give you guidance for your first dives.

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