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This Porsche 911-Inspired Superyacht Is a Hybrid Work of Art

She’s been dubbed the GTT 115 and is a superyacht worth taking note of, especially since she bears Studio F.A. Porsche design. We understand that what people want is the car, but to truly understand the genetics, you have to look at the entire family, and the GTT is part of that family.

She was designed in collaboration with shipbuilder Dynamiq Yachts and even went on to win the Boat Design & Innovation Awards. Most people don’t realize that yachts such as these are very difficult to build as client tastes come in all shapes and sizes. So, the challenge of building a vessel that would appeal to a client’s wants and needs without them being expressed yet, is a very difficult thing to do.

As you would expect from any vessel that uses automotive design, this one too is chalk full of geometry and materials used in the automotive industry. But why make a yacht with automotive design at the center? Simple. History. The automotive industry is a leader in interior and exterior design, so why not team up to make a truly hybrid vessel.

The exterior has been inspired by the 911 with its teardrop surfaces and contours, and even the cleat flashes the 911 rear and design. These rounded lines offer a low resistance and fuel consumption, while allowing her to hit a 21-knot top speed. The use of rhodium silver and Carrera White as the major tones give the vessel an inviting and balanced look.

With an overall hull length of 115 ft. (35.5 m), her deck plan allows for three different options starting at 13.65 million US (11.5 million Euro at the time of publishing). Propulsion systems are set outside the vessel which does tow things. First, we find less noise and vibrations aboard which in turn offers a more pleasant journey, and secondly, we are offered more room inside due to an 18% reduction in engine room size. As an option, the client can vouch for two extra 20 kW electric motors that keep her cruising at six silent knots.

One of the important aspects of any yacht is the amount of visibility for you and your guests. Through the use of laminated XIR glass, the 115 blocks almost all harmful UV rays and reduces heat transmission by 40%, keeping the interiors cool, well lit, and safe. This glass has been supplied by Isoclima, the same one that furnishes Bentley, Mclaren, and Benz with their glass needs.

The sun deck too sports those Porsche touches. With 1,022 sq.ft., you’re sure to find everything you need from sunbathing areas, al fresco dining, and even a 75-inch home theater screen. Heck there’s even room for a bar and barbeque. A forward pool and more sun pads complete this area. We need to take into consideration that even though this yacht is only 115 ft, this sundeck is larger than found on other larger yachts.

As far as the interior design goes, Studio F.A. Porsche had their hands off. But when an interior is to be chosen, I’m sure a number of designers and engineers will try and hold true to the exterior design. Some of the photos in the gallery show one such design, and the balance is exquisite. The use of woods and leathers offer a wonderful contrast to the silver hull, while curved edges of furnishings hold true to the exterior design.

And this isn’t the only yacht Studio F.A. has worked on, others are bound to pop up, being Porsche Month and all.

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