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The new born in the Anvera range: the new Anvera 42 feet

Starting from 1st October 2020 it will be possible to visit in Genoa the new born in the Anvera range: the new ANVERA 42 feet.

With the new ANVERA 42, LG-YACHT shipyard confirms its innovative philosophy of a product entirily built in carbon fiber, like the two elder sisters ANVERA 48 and ANVERA 55, a crossover boat absolutely resistant, extremely light and with uncomparable trendy forms of design, in the name of the “Made in Italy” excellence.
With its 12,90 metres in lenght and 4,12 metres in beam, ANVERA 42 is charactyerized by two special airfoil uprights that delimit the deckhouse, the main helm and the cockpit cover and by the air intake integrated in the only light column supporting the superstructure. 

As for the latest technological products generation, including airplanes, Formula 1 and wind turbines, carbon fiber is used for its exceptional peculiarities compared to the use of traditional fiberglass: with greater strength and lightness, which translates into particularly reduced consumption, to efficiency, speed, reduction of waste, CO2 emissions and pollution, up to the possibility of creating shapes with an innovative design. A high-performance and environmentally friendly product.

With its 12.90 meters in length and 4.12 meters in width, ANVERA 42 is characterized by two particular airfoil uprights that delimit the deckhouse, the dashboard and the cockpit cover, and by the integrated air intake in the only light support column of the superstructure.

The elegant simplicity of its lines, designed on the basis of functionality, combined with a comfortable space on board makes it a harmonious and sporty boat, born from the pencil of Aldo Drudi.ANVERA 48ANVERA 48

“We are happy that the new ANVERA 42 debuts at the Genoa Boat Show, which due to its intrinsic characteristics of exclusivity suits well to an innovative product in terms of concept, technology, performance, design and versatility” commented Giancarlo Galeone, CEO of LG – YACHT. 

“I started drawing ANVERA thinking of a dolphin, elegant and very fast. If the hull is defined by hydrodynamics, the exposed part of ANVERA is designed by aerodynamics. We have mixed aesthetics and speed, for a versatile and unconventional product, ideal for those who, like me, have a passion for speed that runs through their veins, like something ancestral that we all have inside. ” – added Aldo Drudi, ANVERA designer.

On display at Genova Boat Show there will also be the model ANVERA 48, in its new two cabin version layout. Anvera 48, traditionally equipped with one only wide and comfortable master cabin, this time will be equipped with its master cabin and a second full hei- ght cabin with queen size bed. This new ANVERA 48 two cabins version layout on display in Genoa will also proudly have on board a huge and absolutely comfortable fixed sunpad in its 19 square metres beach area. This new sunpad, which substitutes the traditional floating chairs on this specific unit, has been manufactured in our shipyard and it is all in carbon fiber with a significant storage space under the three adjustable cushions on top.

In this context LG – YACHT shipyard keeps on investing in the “all-electric propulsion” project with its prototype Anvera E lab, born from the experience capitalisation of LG- YACHT ANVERA and TecnoElettra companies still involved in fulfilling new challenges, including the speed record attempt with The Guinnes World Records, scheduled in Venice on Friday 16th October, during “Veleziana” regatta.

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