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Freshly Launched “EIV” Sports Yacht Rossinavi Shows How Billionaires Live

Some yacht designs do make it into the real world. This is the story of a sports yacht that will be released into international waters, unleashed like a hungry shark looking for its next meal.

Folks, what you see in the cover photo and gallery is none other than freshly completed sports yacht EIV. No, it’s not some concept that we’ll never get to see unless someone dares to but down a cool 500 million dollars, it’s a real vessel that has made it through all stages of construction.

The creators of this magnificent being? None other than famed Italian Rossinavi. You may have seen other vessels from their arsenal in the past. Well, this is the present, so let’s see what 2020 had in store for the yachting world.

The first thing to mention about this beautiful craft is its hull design. Honestly, what’s really there to mention? Just have a look in the gallery and try to find your own words. As for myself, I can say that this is the sort of hull design rarely seen in real life. It’s absolutely flawless, all 160 feet (48.8 m) of it. Check out the lateral view to really get a feel for it.

The bow of the vessel cuts into the water like an a knife through butter and diverts waves away from the ship, opening up the seas for all 19 knots of speed. What, not enough speed? Well, just look at it. How fast are you willing to go and still comfortably drink your champagne?

One aspect of the hull design I enjoyed is that chrome accent at the bow that draws the attention towards the main deck. It’s here where we find the main socializing areas for guests. As you enter the interior from aft, one of the main spaces encountered is a large lounge with seating and tables both starboard and port. From here, a dining area is found with seating for all guests. Take one particular good look at the photo that shows two segments of the hull being lowered as to create balconies for the dining area.

At the front of this deck, take one wild guess as to what we’ll find? The owner’s bedroom. Forward-facing with a view of what’s to come.

The upper deck too is filled with lounging and dining areas. The first to mention is the round exterior dining table and aft lounging area. Inside, more space is available for guests just to sit around and do nothing. Free champagne it is. It’s also on this deck we find a forward-facing lounge area equipped with sunbeds and lounge chairs. Oh, and there’s also space for a tender in case you need it.

One thing we missed so far is a jacuzzi or pool. I mean come on, how are you going to purchase something this grand and not have one? Just kidding folks, the EIV does have a pool. It’s located on the sundeck, above all other structures as to allow for a crispy look. If you need to cool off, there’s also an outdoor bar that’s for sure to serve some cool drinks.

Now, all this information I’ve been throwing at you for the past 3 minutes or so can all be taken care of by the real-life photos of this ship. So do check it out and drool a little over how some people live.

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