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Che Bella Vita Is a Luxurious Daysailer Sailboat, an Absolute Dream

Life is but a dream. With this gorgeous, luxurious daysailer sailboat, it would be one incredible dream.

Here is Che Bella Vita, which translates to “What a beautiful life” in Italian. It is a daysailer sailboat concept from German-based design studio Beiderbeck Designs, in collaboration with Knierim Yachtbau and sailing fashion label Marinepool, presented officially in the summer of 2019.

Since then, it has remained in concept stage, with no announced plans to take into production. Should a millionaire come along to commission it, it would be delivered within nine months from the moment of order by the Knierim shipyard from Kiel, Germany. Marinepool’s Spirit of the Ocean is marketing it.

In other words, while it’s still a conceptualized design, it does have an advantage over other concepts: once an order is placed, it would be nine months from becoming a reality. It is still vaporware, but it stands more chances of actually being made.

Based on Finn or contender dinghies, this sailboat yacht is actually an expansion on those. Imagine a contender dinghy blown up to size, featuring all the amenities a millionaire is accustomed to. Che Bella Vita is four times bigger than dinghies, which makes it ideal for outings with family and friends. It boasts massive deck space, an electronically activated single mainsail, an unstayed rig, and accommodation below deck that renders it perfect for overnight stays.

“Whether you are sailing by yourself or with friends, this uncompromised Daysailer stands for maritime lifestyle, fun sailing and family adventure at the same time,” the company said in a statement at the time of the concept’s introduction.

Che Bella Vita is 19.4 meters (63.6 feet) long and 4.9 meters (16 feet) wide. The mainsail is 150 square meters (1,115 square feet) and is electronically unrolled from the boom in as little as three minutes by just one operator. Sail adjustments are made with just four buttons. This means that the owner can dock off and sail it on his or her own, without needing an additional crew’s services.

Being a sailboat, it also offers the chance to go out exploring with reduced, if not minimal, impact on the environment.

The boat is incredibly light, thanks to its carbon fiber body. Fenders have been replaced by a baseboard that goes round the hull, offering protection. Integrated LED lights can turn it into a floating clubhouse at night or a “party boat.”

And there’s plenty of space on the deck for that. In order to maximize available space, the navigation instruments are grouped toward the aft, with the opposite entertainment area including grill, dining area, and a cocktail bar. Retractable shades would make al fresco dining a real pleasure during daytime and bring the party under the starry sky at night.

Moreover, the side planks are extendable, creating 4-meter (13.1-foot) terraces out on the water, just perfect for tanning, fishing, or taking in the amazing views. The rear platform at the rear also folds out and converts into a swim platform.

Accommodations are below deck. While this is still essentially a daysailer, it could be used for extended stays at sea – say, for instance, a weekend family outing or a 48-hour stay to allow for recovery from the partying from the night before. They include one or two double cabins, a bathroom, as well as another cocktail bar and dining area – presumably for when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Beiderbeck imagines Che Bella Vita would be a perfect fit for luxury hotels and event companies looking to offer a new type of entertainment slash adventure to select guests and clients. Should a private customer come along though, he or she could get one such gorgeous daysailer sailboat for €2.6 million, or $3.16 million at today’s exchange rate.

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