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AIVE – the 2021 regatta calendar for classic yachting

AIVE, Associazione Italiana Vele d’Epoca (the Italian Classic Yacht Association), presents their official regatta calendar for 2021. After the cancellation of almost all events scheduled for 2020 due to Covid concerns, 17 events are scheduled for this year, between April and October, in both the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas. Many other events will be held in France, Spain, Montecarlo, Corsica and Greece. The four Italian national trophies up this year will be awarded in October. The 2021 calendar is subject to modifications based on the evolution of the worldwide health emergency.

From April to October: Seven Months of Classic Yacht Racing
AIVE is proud to present the official 2021 regatta calendar. Chaired by Pier Maria Giusteschi Conti, the Italian Classic Yacht Association is a member of CIM (International Mediterranean Committee), the organization in charge of issuing and supervising the rules that govern classic yacht racing since 1926. The AIVE calendar includes 17 events, all valid for the four annual trophies at stake: the AIVE Tyrrhenian Cup, the AIVE Adriatic Cup, the Artiglio Trophy, and the Olin Stephens II Centennial Cup, provided by the Sparkman & Stephens Association for participating yachts with a valid CIM rating certificate designed by the legendary American naval architect. Though not valid for the AIVE trophies, there will also be many other independently organized meets and regattas in France, Spain, Montecarlo, Corsica and Greece, for a total of more than 35 events across the Mediterranean dedicated to vintage yachting. Participants in the AIVE events will be divided into three categories: Vintage for yachts launched before 1950, Classic for yachts launched between 1950 and 1975, and Spirit of Tradition for modern yachts with traditional lines. Several hundred historic yachts are expected to participate in this season’s events.

Tyrrhenian regattas
After the season’s first three events (the Settimana Velica Internazionale Accademia Navale e Città di Livorno, the Trofeo Ammiraglio G. Francese in Viareggio and the Regata dei Tre Golfi in Naples), where the classic yachts will race in their own category, the gradual descent of the Tyhrrenian begins on June 5th with the third edition of the Vele d’Epoca nel Golfo in La Spezia. Later in June and then July we have the Regata della Capraia, the Argentario Sailing Week in Porto Santo Stefano, the Grandi Vele in Gaeta and Le Vele d’Epoca in Naples. After the August pause, the second half of the season opens with the Vele d’Epoca di Imperia (from the 2nd to the 5th of September), the historic event first run in 1986, followed by the Trofeo Mariperman, organized by the Italian Navy later in September, and finally the Vele Storiche di Viareggio in October to conclude the season and award the year’s trophies.

Adriatic regattas
Five events, running between June and October 2021, make up the circuit valid for the AIVE Adriatic Cup. Two events will be held in June: the Portopiccolo Classic in Sistiana (near Trieste) and the Trofeo Principato di Monaco in Venice. In September we have the International Hannibal Classic (the only race that actually ran in 2020) in Monfalcone. The season will close with the October events, the Trofeo Città di Trieste and the Barcolana Classic. These regattas see many yachts typical of the Adriatic Sea participating, like the famous Passere and many designs from the board of a master of classic yacht design, Carlo Sciarrelli.

The regatta della Capraia: Multiple starting ports and floating museums
The Regata della Capraia is a new race with a new format. Starting on Friday, June 11th, participants cast off to sail to the island of Capraia, but from any of three different ports – Leghorn, Viareggio or La Spezia. In Capraia they will have exclusive use of a part of the marina, and, weather permitting, on Saturday the 12th will race either around the island or around the buoys. At the docks, the yachts may be toured by the public according to the formula “Benvenuti a bordo”. On Sunday the 13th participants will sail back to their home ports. The Notice of Race with further details will be published in the next few days by the race organizer, the Associazione Vele Storiche Viareggio.

The 2021 Classic Yacht Regatta Calendar

Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas
24-25 April      Settimana Velica Internazionale – Livorno (1st event valid for the Trofeo Artiglio)
8-9 May     XXV Trofeo Challenge “Ammiraglio G. Francese” – Viareggio (LU) (2nd event Trofeo Artiglio)
15-16 May     Regata dei Tre Golfi – Naples
5-6 June    III Le Vele d’Epoca nel Golfo – La Spezia (3rd event Trofeo Artiglio)
11-13 June    Regata della Capraia (with starts from different ports) 
15 June        Tirrenica Classic Regatta (Civitavecchia – Porto Santo Stefano) 
16-20 June    XXI Argentario Sailing Week – Porto Santo Stefano (GR) (4th event Trofeo Artiglio)
25-27 June    XVIII Grandi Vele a Gaeta – Gaeta (LT)
2-4 July        XVII Le Vele d’Epoca a Napoli – Naples
2-5 September    XXII Vele d’Epoca di Imperia – Imperia
18-19 Sept.    XXXIII Trofeo Mariperman “IX Trofeo CSSN-ADSP”– La Spezia (5th event Trofeo Artiglio)
14-17 October    XVI Vele Storiche Viareggio – Viareggio (LU) (6th event Trofeo Artiglio)

Adriatic Sea

5-6 June                               V Portopiccolo Classic – Sistiana (TS)

25-27 June                          VIII Trofeo Principato di Monaco – Venice

11-12 September            V International Hannibal Classic – Monfalcone (GO)

2-3 October                        XXIV Trofeo “Città di Trieste” – Trieste

9 October                            XV Barcolana Classic – Trieste

International regattas for classic and vintage yachts

1-2 May                                               IX Les Dames de Saint-Tropez (Saint-Tropez) – France

1-9 May                                               XVII Palmavela (Palma di Maiorca) – Spain

14-16 May                                          XII Calanques Classique (Marsiglia) – France

21-23 May                                          Les Voiles des Cassis (Cassis) – France

25-29 May                                           II Régates Napoléon (Ajaccio) – Corsica

2-6 June                                               XXVI Les Voiles d’Antibes (Antibes) – France

7-9 June                                               Coupe de Printemps du YCF (Antibes – St. Raphael-Porquerolles) – France

10-13 June                                          XVIII Porquerolles Classique (Isole Porquerolles) – France

14-17 June                                          Coupe de Printemps du YCF (Porquerolles-Sanary-Marseille) – France

18-20 June                                          XVIII Les Voiles du Vieux-Port (Marsiglia) – France

24-27 June                                          XI Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta (Isola di Spetses) – Greece

24 June – 10 July                              XX Trofeo Bailli de Suffren (St. Tropez – Bonifacio – Trapani – Gozo – Malta)

14-17 July                                            XIII Puig Vela Clàssica (Barcellona) – Spain

11-14 August                                     XXVI Regata Illes Balears Classic (Palma di Maiorca) – Spain                           

25-29 August                                     XVII Copa del Rey Vela Clásica Menorca (Mahón) – Spain

23-31 August                                     XII Corsica Classic (Bonifacio – St. Florent) – Corsica

8-12 September                               XV Monaco Classic Week (Montecarlo)

21-25 September                            XLII Régates Royales (Cannes) – France

26 September                                   Coupe d’Automne du Yacht Club de France (Cannes – St. Tropez)

27 September – 2 October           XXIII Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez (Saint Tropez) – France  

AIVE - the 2021 regatta calendar for classic yachting
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