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The Warehouse supports ETNZ to achieve a carbonzero certified campaign

It is called “OPTIP” and is the tool that, through the use of Hololens and augmented reality, materializes objects by contextualizing them in real time. The advanced optical projection system is able to recognize and map the surrounding environment and allow the materialization of holograms.

This innovative technology provides a series of specific advantages and features for the management and configuration of the Yacht:

–          It allows remote technical assistance, permitting specialized technicians to operate directly on the on-board systems by remotely guiding anyone and wherever the boat is. Documents, diagrams, indicators, 3D models can be materialized …

–          Guarantees remote training for crewsOPTIP HOLOASSISTANCE by NavhoOPTIP HOLOASSISTANCE by Navho

–          Allows you to view, accurately locating, systems, installations (piping and cable roads) and structural elements behind the ship outfitting, in such a way as to make checks or refitting activities more efficient, avoiding unnecessary searches and dismantling.

–          Customer experience:  The Owner can virtually enter his yacht under construction and view the progress without having to move

–          It allows data analysis and remote monitoring of the yacht to be able to carry out predictive maintenance activities, identifying any problems even before they arise

–          Allows you to create virtual prototypes and simulate their operation

–          Facilitates the configuration of the interiors, creating an immersive 3D environment in which the customer can evaluate the furniture solutions, the aesthetic details and the decoration as well as the mood and lighting scenarios for the approval of the lighting designOPTIP HOLOASSISTANCE by NavhoOPTIP HOLOASSISTANCE by Navho

“OPTIP” has already been chosen and installed by Cantiere delle Marche, world leader in the construction of Explorer yachts, on board its latest boats the MY CROWBRIDGE 40 mt. and the Flexplorer MY AURELIA 39 mt. for After Sales assistance activities.

The operation of “OPTIP” is simple and immediate:

the user on board accesses the app to forward the request for assistance in holopresence and wears the viewer, the specialized technician starts the assistance procedure by connecting remotely via PC in the control room so that the two users communicate hands-free and video exchanging all information in the form of holograms.

The control room guides the user on board with comments and indications, such as arrows, drawings, user manuals, wiring diagrams, video tutorials, holograms of rendered objects.

The user can view and move these contents in front of him and highlight an area of interest on the equipment with a simple movement of the finger, so as to request assistance on that specific point.OPTIP HOLOASSISTANCE by NavhoOPTIP HOLOASSISTANCE by Navho

About Navho

Navho was born from the collaboration between Activa and Optip, two companies with thirty years of experience in the medical sector. The technology with Hololens is applied in the biomedical sector at the service of the assistance and training of large radiological equipment. The passion for the sea and for boats pushed Francesco and Angelo, the Founders of the two companies, to expand the application of Hololens to the nautical sector. Activa and Optip have already carried out important projects for clients such as Cantiere delle Marche, General Electric, Telecom and Abbott.

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