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Liebowitz and Partners present a 63m Explorer Yacht EXO

Functionality First The proportions, lines, layout and elements of this Explorer have been designed to achieve extreme functionality. From the wave-breaking bow of this displacement hull, to the anchor positioned at the stern, practicality is combined with timeless beauty. The Explorer Yacht EXO, whose name means external in Latin, is at ease both on the high ground and in the harbor. This concept has been designed in every detail to be able to translate into reality by adapting quickly and meticulously to the individual needs of the customer.

With a potential range of 5,000 nautical miles, positioning the ship globally will only be a matter of planning. The reliability of the ship will allow you to reach any latitude and longitude knowing how to adapt to the majority of weather conditions.

The brief followed by LP Design aims to conceive a boat with a contemporary, functional design, with timeless lines and whose proportions skillfully balance the volumes. A considerable planning effort was dedicated to perfecting the routes dedicated to guests and crew. Although apparently symmetrical, the port side of the ship differs from the starboard side in a few but significant elements. Other details that distinguish this boat are: large tender (10.4 m / 34 feet), a stern that guarantees extreme safety, a Portuguese bridge and an observation deck capable of offering exciting views.Liebowitz and Partners present a 63m Explorer Yacht EXOLiebowitz and Partners present a 63m Explorer Yacht EXO

The interiors of a superyacht cannot be conceived without taking into account the external lines of the boat. In this concept, spaces and shapes flow harmoniously. The layout of the Explorer EXO has been optimized to offer effective and practical organization. This result can only be achieved through a careful division of the spaces dedicated to guests, crew and owner. The main hall, with a contemporary atmosphere, has a cul-de-sac configuration that offers greater intimacy. In this space, large windows offer a view to the stern. The passage that leads us to the owner’s cabin offers the opportunity to safely display the owner’s favorite works of art and objects.

LP Design has conceived an owner’s cabin based on the concepts of privacy, functionality and elegance. Light and neutral colors have been chosen to give extreme brightness to this space. The outdoor bar, the solarium, the swimming pool and the beach club are just some of the numerous meeting and entertainment spaces on board. The observation deck will allow the sighting of marine animals. Tranquility, well-being, fun with friends and family are the essence of this explorer, which offers the opportunity to enjoy special places and discover new ones. Liebowitz and Partners present a 63m Explorer Yacht EXOLiebowitz and Partners present a 63m Explorer Yacht EXO

Functional layout
The presence of an anchor at the stern offers some advantages during maneuvers, doubling the options available.
Nearby, the perforated bathing platform is designed not to oppose the action of the waves, but to allow waves to pass through. The type of propulsion of this boat can be summed up in two words: power and silence. Ecological and silent engines thanks to the latest diesel-electric hybrid technology. 

Liebowitz & partners 
The designer Richard Liebowitz has considerable experience in terms of navigation which allowed him to identify the real needs and challenges to be faced during these ocean crossings. In this way, it was possible to identify the most appropriate solutions in terms of design and architecture. Liebowitz & Partners counts on an effective team that interacts with and directs the vast orchestra of talents necessary for the construction of a large yacht.

Liebowitz and Partners present a 63m Explorer Yacht EXO
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