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233-foot Posterity superyacht features an all-glass library that overlooks the water

Posterity is a conceptual ship from the mind of Jay Aberdoni. According to his LinkedIn page, Aberdoni worked as a senior yacht designer for Alberto Mancini Yacht Design, a yacht design crew that’s known for developing some of the world’s most cutting-edge concepts and real ships too.

Well, now that he’s currently freelancing his abilities and knowledge, what else is Aberdoni to do but work on designing and releasing a few ships of his own. The first that seems to have popped up is Posterity, a 233-foot (71-meter) superyacht created to be one with the seas. In a recent interview with Robb Report, Aberdoni reveals how this design came to be and what to expect.

One thing mentioned is that the designer wanted to create a different experience for owners. This is achieved with heavy use of glass, social spaces that blend endlessly into one another without the use of partitions, and a beach deck unlike any I’ve seen before.

To keep things as simple as I can, we can begin our journey at the rear of the ship and head towards the front, and the reason I chose to begin with the rear is because of an explosive beach club unveiled once the aft of the ship unfolds. To explain exactly what I mean, I invite you to check out the images in the gallery; it’s mind-blowing.

Heading towards the bow, the hull also reveals two lateral sections that are lowered into place and create a platform for dining and other private activities or accessing the ship’s interior from sea level. This lower deck also includes spaces like tender and toy garages, a gym, a sauna, and any other areas a future owner could want.

One deck up, on the main deck, Posterity really begins to show off its design heritage. Aberdoni blends the hull, superstructure, and again, countless glass sections to create a sleek and fluid line. The rear features an exterior lounge that can be shaded if needed, and heading towards the interior, another lounge greets guests with a glass-enclosed library in the backdrop. Not sure how many billionaire toys have a library, but hey, expanding horizons is essential.

The next deck is reserved for mainly two things: the bridge, sitting at the front of the deck, and the owner’s cabin aft. Now, this is one space that really looks ripped right out of a billionaire fairytale. Aside from another rear lounge, large glass bulwarks that extend all the way to the front of the ship, the owner’s room is accessed via a set of curved sliding glass walls that retract to reveal an unobscured sight of the world around. Just imagine waking up to something like this.

The rest of this deck is reserved for the owner and his or her activities, including an office for working (running the world) and a private lounge, perfect for exclusive guests and candid conversations. As for the uppermost deck, it reveals an al-fresco dining setup with forward-facing lounges and a retractable awning in case it gets too hot.

Now, take a good long look at this ship and really let it sink in. Why? Simply because Aberdoni feels that the newer generation of designers and customers are seeking to do things differently than traditional ideology has imposed, and Posterity is supposed to embody that notion. 

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