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While others are hiding out, this oligarch’s $84M superyacht is chilling in Monaco

Not all superyachts with Russian links are equal – some have already been seized, some are “hiding in plain sight” in notorious safety havens such as Turkey and UAE, while others are free to do as they please since their owners have not been officially targeted.

There’s no clear-cut explanation for why some of the Russian oligarchs made it on the international sanctions list while others didn’t. As analysts have stated, it’s a combination of political, economic, and strategic factors. What’s certain is that some of the wealthiest Russians got to keep their luxury toys, despite not having the most immaculate background.

Oil magnate Rashid Sardarov is one of them. Owner of the giant South Ural Industrial Group and a shareholder in many other companies, the billionaire’s business ties to Africa were not exactly free of controversy. On the other hand, he made headlines with his truly lavish lifestyle. He spent over $9 million just for his daughter’s wedding a few years ago, with Robbie Williams performing at the event.

It’s not surprising that his floating luxury toy is an award-winning 237-foot (72 meters) beast built by the Italian shipyard VSY. The beautiful Stella Maris boasts not just one but two whirlpool swimming pools, a luxury spa, and a modern gym. The certified Airbus H135 helideck is a feature typically found on larger superyachts, but Stella Maris was designed to maximize space, and it shows.

The yacht’s opulent amenities can be enjoyed by up to 14 guests, who also have access to multiple water toys and a luxurious tender limousine. Sardarov’s yacht even won an award for environmental protection, thanks to its auxiliary electric motors and dynamic positioning system that enables it to maintain its stability without anchoring in sensitive maritime areas.

Since there’s no need for it to hide, the opulent Stella Maris is simply chilling in Monaco after a longer stay in Italy, according to the latest data from maritime tracking platforms. Unlike other famous superyachts, Sardarov’s luxury toy continues to enjoy the summer season unbothered.

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