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Ritz-Carlton’s first-ever luxury yacht ready for its debut journey this year

It’s been a long time since the luxury brand announced its plans to launch the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, a unique project in its history. After several delays, including the unexpected effects of the prolonged pandemic, the first-ever Ritz-Carlton yacht is finally ready to depart on a cruise this year.

Evrima only has a few months left until its first voyage, USA Today reports. The highly-anticipated yacht will travel from Spain to France starting October 15 – an important milestone for the luxury project that was first publicly announced back in 2017.

The massive 623-foot-long (190 meters) ship boasts 149 suites, enough to accommodate 298 passengers, and was meant to embody the Ritz-Carlton experience on water, meaning that it truly is a floating luxury resort.

There are six types of suites available, each with premium appliances and entertainment systems, in addition to 24-hour in-suite dining and sophisticated décor. The Loft is perhaps the most spectacular, a two-story suite with access from both the lower and the upper level.

Each suite offers spectacular views thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces, but the owner’s suite is extra-fancy, including a private whirlpool and access to a separate lounge area.

The Marina terrace closely mimics a superyacht beach club, providing access to the water and to a very wide selection of water toys. There’s also a fully-equipped gym available, and in addition to the cocktail lounge, guests can treat themselves to fine cognac and premium cigars in the elegant humidor.

As you would expect from such a luxurious vessel, not only does it come with a giant staff of 235 people, but a Personal Concierge is ready to cater to the guests’ needs and desires, including setting up private itineraries.

If you want to feel like a superyacht owner, you must be ready to pay the price. For a week onboard Evrima during its inaugural voyage, prices start at $7,600 per person.

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