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Superyacht 007 sinks after running aground in Greece

You could say that 2022 has not been a good year for superyachts in general, and you wouldn’t be completely off the mark. In between seizures and legal complications, and what seems like an increased number of totaling incidents, superyacht-watching has definitely gotten more… dramatic this past year.

We can now add another incident to that ever-growing list: 007, a superyacht delivered by Aegean Yachts in 2006, has sunk after running aground off the coast of Greece. It happened on Friday night (September 2), with reports in the local media saying that the captain hit rocks under the surface of the water.

The ship is now almost completely submerged in Kolona Bay in Kythnos, in the Cyclades island chain in Greece, only some 15 meters (49.2 feet) from the beach. The Greek Coast Guard has confirmed the incident but, for the time being, it can’t speak on the circumstances surrounding it – and for very good reason, since an investigation into the cause is still underway.

The good news is that the five people onboard the vessel were rescued by the Coast Guard and transported to safety. The other piece of good news is that Coast Guard personnel was able to contain the superyacht with a floating sea wall, and there have been no reports of pollution as of the time of press. Given the location of the wreck, it is very likely that a recovery operation will be attempted.

The captain called in for help after running aground, as the ship started taking on water. Shortly afterwards, 007 listed on the port side, and eventually capsized. Photos and videos have emerged on social media showing the extent of the damage, and you will find some of them included in this article.

007 is a 49-meter (160-foot) superyacht that wasn’t available for charter, but was often described as the perfect family boat. Initially delivered as a 32-meter (105-footer) under the name Royal Enterprise, at the Bodrum shipyard in Turkey, it’s been through several refits, which have contributed to its current explorer-like, more aggressive silhouette. These refits included a lengthening of the hull to 49 meters (160 feet), adding another deck, and a small touch-and-go helipad on top.

With a design by Yavuz Mete, 007 offered accommodation for 10 guests and 5 crew. Powered by twin Caterpillar engines that developed a total of 1,300 hp, it could travel at a top speed of 12 knots (13.8 mph / 22.2 kph). None of that matters now, as it’s come to what could possibly be its end on the rocky shore of Greece.

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