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Mirarri ENATA Luxury Yacht: A Bold Move in Futuristic Vessel Design

Sharjah, UAE, April 2024 – Mirarri Yacht has announced a significant partnership with ENATA to construct their first 55ft yacht, thereby setting new standards in yacht design and functionality under the ‘Mirarri ENATA luxury yacht’ project.

A Visionary Collaboration

Rashed Al Shaali, the visionary behind the Mirarri Yacht, is steering this project into the future. As a descendant of the Al Shaali marine industry family, he has embarked on this innovative venture with ENATA and acclaimed designer Timur Bozca. Consequently, this ‘Mirarri ENATA luxury yacht’ represents a leap into the future of marine luxury, aiming to challenge the current stagnation in the yachting industry.

Designing the Mirarri ENATA Luxury Yacht: Futuristic and Functional

The yacht showcases a 55-foot hull crafted from carbon and titanium, blending elegance with advanced engineering. Timur Bozca, celebrated for his innovative designs, has given the yacht a sleek, aerodynamic profile that ensures both performance and style. Moreover, the yacht incorporates ENATA’s proprietary Wingman system, enabling remote control of various yacht functions and underscoring convenience and modern luxury.

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

ENATA known for the revolutionary Foiler, the Flying Yacht, will leverage its expertise in high-tech composites and engineering for this project. Therefore, Aloïs Vieujot, CEO of ENATA, remarked, “This partnership with Mirarri propels us into the future of luxury yachting, combining cutting-edge technology with artisanal craftsmanship.”

‘This partnership with Mirarri propels us into the future of luxury yachting’

Aloïs Vieujot, CEO of ENATA

For those interested in exploring further advancements in yacht design, Antonini Navi’s recent unveiling of the Sport Utility Yacht SUY-135 represents another leap in combining versatility with luxury. Read more about it here.

An Interior That Inspires

The yacht’s interior demonstrates luxury and innovation. Additionally, a full-beam superstructure features a dynamic glass dome inspired by nature, filling the living space with natural light and offering panoramic sea views. Moreover, the use of advanced materials like Kevlar enhances the yacht’s strength without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Ready for Tomorrow

Construction of the first Mirarri ENATA luxury yacht has already begun, with delivery expected in 2025. This project not only marks a significant milestone for both Mirarri and ENATA but also paves the way for future luxury yacht designs.

About ENATA Industries

ENATA Industries, based in the UAE, is a leader in marine, aerospace, and architectural projects. The company is committed to innovation and quality, continually pushing design and technological boundaries.

Marc Trujillo
Marc Trujillo
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