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SailGP Season 4 Heats Up: Bermuda Grand Prix Marks a Pivotal Turn

SailGP’s Season 4 continues to electrify as teams converge on Bermuda for the tenth event of the series. Scheduled for May 4-5, this race promises pivotal shifts in the leaderboard. All top sailing teams are vying for the championship in the azure waters of Bermuda.

Bermuda: A Crucial Battleground

As the teams gather in Bermuda, the competition intensifies with six teams—Spain, France, ROCKWOOL DEN, Canada, Emirates GBR, and the United States—still within reach of clinching the coveted third spot in the Grand Final. Bermuda’s leg is more than just another race; it’s a chance for these teams to assert dominance or play catch-up in the breathtaking Great Sound, Bermuda’s new race location that promises closer action than ever before.

Can Australia Make a Comeback?

Australia faces a significant test in Bermuda. After a tough outing in Christchurch, where an unfortunate collision led to heavy penalties, the three-time champions are determined. They are eager to reclaim their top form. The pressure is on for Tom Slingsby and his crew to bounce back and regain their leading position.

New Zealand’s Dominance on the Line

With five event wins this season, New Zealand sits comfortably at the top. However, the Kiwis must defend their position vigorously, particularly against their close rivals, the Australians. Bermuda could either solidify their lead or reshuffle the deck if they falter.

SailGP Season 4 Bermuda

Bermuda is known for its ideal sailing conditions—steady breezes and flat waters—which could neutralize the advantage that experienced teams like New Zealand and Australia typically enjoy. This event might just level the playing field, giving all teams a fair shot at victory.

Looking Forward

As the SailGP season continues to unfold with the pivotal Bermuda Grand Prix, the teams’ strategies and results here will be crucial for setting the stage for the remaining events. Every point and position will count towards the ultimate championship standings. For a closer look at how top teams prepare their cutting-edge vessels for such high-stakes competition, delve into the recent launch of INEOS Britannia’s AC75, which is making waves in the sailing world, by visiting our detailed coverage on the INEOS Britannia AC75 launch.

Marc Trujillo
Marc Trujillo
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