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The Best Personal Submarines

More than 80% of the world’s oceans remain unexplored but discovering the depths might be easier than you think. A personal submarine lets you explore the underwater world like never before. Built to cater from one to six guests and tailored to fit the weight and height restrictions of a superyacht tender garage, adventure further with our edit of the best personal submarines for superyachts…

Triton 1000/2 MKII


New for 2019, Triton’s latest submersible is lesson in style. Weighing just 3000kg and standing 1.7m tall, the 1000/2 MKII is designed to comfortably fit in a superyacht toy garage. Perfect for exploring coral reefs or sunken ships, this two-person sub can dive down to 305m and power along the seabed at a top speed of four knots for up to 10 hours. It’s ideal for those looking to pilot their own submarine and Triton even provides in-house training. Air conditioning and humidity control are an added bonus.


U-Boat Worx HiPer Sub 2

u-boat-worx-hiper-sub 2-best-personal-submarines

Dubbed the “ultimate sports submarine”, the HiPer Sub has a need for speed. It can travel at up to six knots and even perform underwater “hydrobatics”. It can roll, loop-the-loop, perform steep turns and vertical ascents and descents. With a racing-red paint job, the HiPer sub can carry a pilot and passenger to a depth of 100m for up to six hours. A fighter jet-style joystick allows for easy manoeuvrability and both occupants can take control without having to switch seats. Weighing 2500kg with a height of 1.46m, it’s perfect for those with room to spare onboard. And, for the first time ever, the HiPer Sub can be transported on a car trailer. This model is also available in a four-person layout.


Seamagine Aurora-3C


This three-person submarine is capable of diving to 457m and offers some clever onboard extras. The Aurora-3C is able to tilt at surface, providing a stable platform for boarding when stepping across from a superyacht. And by moving the hatch away from the top of the window and into a separate compartment, the model offers a greater field of view. The submarine’s low height and even lower hoist point makes this submersible ideal for setup in confined spaces – say a superyacht tender garage – without compromising on comfort, practicality, and performance. The Aurora-3C also offers extras including a robotic arm, HD video systems and a fly-out rover with HD camera. You can even customise the colour.


Project Neptune


Announced at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017, Project Neptune is the result of a collaboration between submarine specialist Triton and British car marque Aston Martin. This three-person submersible combines all the practical and technical elements of deep-sea exploration with a level of finesse and style that’s quintessentially Aston Martin. Able to dive to 500m, Project Neptune offers a bulbous cabin for panoramic views and a sleek, compact multihull silhouette for optimal speed and style under the waves. While a top speed of five knots might not sound like much – particularly for an Aston Martin – it’s actually four times the acceleration of Triton’s flagship 3300/3 submarine. Inside, a custom interior features hand-stitched leather and carbon-fibre trim.


U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3


Known for their reliable, workhorse subs used for scientific exploration, Dutch builder U-Boat Worx has a personal submarine specifically for superyachts. The Super Yacht Sub 3 is compact, lightweight with a virtually unimpeded view underwater. With a length of less than 3.2m and weighing 3,800kg, the sub is easy to fit on board, and can dive to 300m with a top speed of three knots. A retractable freeboard extender makes on-the-water boarding a breeze while the interior is kitted in out plush leather seats for comfortable cruising. Bonus features include a Bluetooth sound system and a cold-storage box.


Seamagine Aurora-6S


Created to give guests a completely immersive experience in the watery world below, SEAmagine’s Aurora series of submersibles features a massive glass bulb for unparalleled views as she dives up to 1,000m at a max speed of three knots for eight hours. The Californian company’s largest luxury sub, the Aurora-6S, seats five passengers and one pilot. A single-point hoist makes for uncomplicated launching, while an ergonomically designed aft section and telescopic handrails ease boarding. The entire set-up is ideal for deep-sea exploration with the family in tow. The Aurora-6S’s weight and size can be customised to suit the mothership, as can the colour.


GSE Trieste VAS 525/60


The dream of living beneath the waves in your very own yellow submarine can be a reality with the VAS 525/60. Not brand new, but enviably proven, the adventure-ready sub is built by Italy’s GSE Trieste to military standards and has been extensively tested on commercial vessels. Five passengers can gaze out of the large forward and side portholes, while HD video cameras mounted on the exterior capture the scene, and forward-facing 3,200 lumen underwater lights illuminate the depths or the inky night as the VAS descends to 160m for up to eight hours.


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