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Yacht Extension, a revolutionary way to enjoy the sea

Yacht Extension , an innovative system which creates veritable luxury beach clubs

Yacht Extension is a company which represents the Italian excellence all over the world.

It was born from an idea of Alex Barone who, after a 30-year career in the boating and shipbuilding sector, decided to make his expertise available to customers, inventing a revolutionary system capable of creating, quickly and easily, authentic luxury beach clubs which massively develop the space available on board while producing new ways of enjoying recreational boats when anchored.

Alex’s sense of observation led him to seek direct contact with the sea, trying to recreate a boating experience where the aspects of comfort and pleasure where particularly enhanced.

Yacht Extension has engineered several products, applicable to a wide range of scenarios, both in manual and automatic mode.

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Small- and medium-sized boats

For this range of boats, the company has developed a portable product which represents an excellent solution to enjoy the sea without worries, especially in a period like this, in which we have to face the rigorous restrictive measures imposed by the ongoing emergency.

In compliance with the high-end qualities of the product, it increases the livable spaces on board with an elegant and refined design, thus allowing to “carve out” a true oasis on the sea where you can lie down on soft cushions, sunbathe or swim in the pool, protected from the risk of jellyfish and having a drink with friends.

Ideal for families with teens or children, the island is also suitable for all types of yachts, sailing or motor-powered.

Extremely easy and quick to use, it is available in the following models:

YEP – Storable into a bag, it is a comfortable round-shaped mattress. The white-coloured structure features an elegant and sophisticated design. It can be extended for about 1.90 meters (3.90 sq.m) from the back of the yacht.

YEP 1 Light – Storable into a bag, it is an inflatable round-shaped extension with comfortable mattress. The white-coloured structure can be extended for about 3 meters (8 sq.m.) from the back of the yacht.


YEP 1 – Storable into a modern and elegant container or bag, it is an inflatable round-shaped extension, with comfortable mattress and embedded round-shaped pool. The white-coloured structure can be extended for about 4 meters (12 sq.m.) from the back of the yacht.


YEP 2 – Storable into a modern and elegant container, it is an inflatable rectangular-shaped extension with comfortable cushions, embedded round-shaped pool and two sunbeds. The white-coloured structure can be extended for about 8 meters (20 sq.m.) from the back of the yacht.


Large-sized yachts

For large-sized boats, the company makes available the YEC (Yacht Extension Custom) model, a yacht extension that can be integrated in the transom garage or into the stern platform. It is a full custom inflatable extension which can be equipped with shading canvas, comfortable cushions, pools available in various shapes, couches and sunbeds.

For this range of use, Yacht Extension has invented a rigid inflatable extension, automated and built with modern engineering techniques contained in the Hi-Tech Cover Box.

With a few simple moves and the use of a special remote control, the platform opens and, from the stern platform or the garage, it comes out of the Hi-Tech Cover Box, which inflates quickly.

Yacht Extension YEC

The platforms are built with the most modern materials which, extraodinarily lightweight and reistant, guarantee excellent stability and safety. Moreover, they do not deform, allowing guests to walk in total freedom and live an experience of comfort and relaxation, while being pleasantly cradled by the sea.

When not in use, the platform can be deflated and stored into the Cover Box, available in two versions: a container with modern and elegant lines or a technical container integrated into the transom garage or the stern platform.

All maneuvers can be performed in a short time and in total safety. The trademark has been registered and the product patented.

The product is custom made. In other words, it is totally versatile and customizable according to the customer’s requests and the boat layout. This is an important advantage for all the boat manufacturers that want to integrate the product during the design and execution phase of their boats. On request, the product is also available for small and medium-sized yachts.

Yacht Extension for Luxury Resorts and Beach Clubs

In relation to the forthcoming measures concerning social distancing, for the 2020 season, Yacht Extension proposes the Luxury Island Privé Special Edition, a true private island on the sea.


Luxury Island Privé is an exclusive oasis that is revolutionizing the way of experiencing the sea in total privacy, in maximum comfort and complete freedom. The most renowned Beach Clubs are choosing it as an exclusive innovation to offer a unique service by extending the usable spaces at sea while respecting social distances.

The floating, to be positioned a few meters from the shore, can be used in the Beach Cabana / Gazebo of VIP customers or as a unique private island on the sea.

All Yacht Extension products can be equipped with an array of accessories, like sun shades, cup holders, storage bags, ice bucket, pillows, Wi-Fi stereo system, anti-jellyfish net for pool and custom-made protective canvas.

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Yacht Extension

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