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Seastema successfully delivers the new Light Bridge Console

The system has been installed on the Benetti’s 44 meters Yacht BP001, first model of the new Diamond 145 class

Completed few days ago the delivery that seals the project started in 2017 with the aim of creating an innovative bridge console, which would allow the space to be freed up, with a thin and light design, aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced. In this way, the wheelhouse becomes a livable space, reaching out towards the sea and that offers further unexpected design opportunities.

An innovative and challenging design that uses carbon fiber to obtain a thin, light, resistant and very silent structure, combined with new software and hardware technologies that integrate all Navigation and Automation subsystems, made possible the realization of the “Light Bridge Console”. These technologies, developed by Seastema, and perfected in recent years in the context of military naval programs and large yachts, with this project, are applied to smaller yachts. The platform used is the well proven SEASYacht software suite with latest generation MPEV (Marine Portal EVolution) technology for the creation of the operator interface.

Some of the main peculiarities and features of the “Light Bridge Console” are:
•    Advanced and certified system that reduces cabling, electronic and controls on the bridge console
•    Simple and innovative man-machine software interface created with the latest graphics technologies available with Windows 10
•    Applications activation a and visualization management made via software by using the network infrastructures (not KVM switches)
•    Navigation sensors integrated in the network to provide centralized management
•    “Plug & Play” console’s installation with short commissioning times and simplified maintenance.

Sea trials have highlighted the very high level of operation of the console, a great practicality to access all the functions/commands and an extreme silence with complete absence of vibrations, receiving comments of sincere appreciation.

The first system, ordered at the end of 2018, has been built and delivered in a year and a half.

Eng. Buffa, Head of Benetti’s Technical Office, commented: “It was a big challenge; we took on a great responsibility but the seriousness and professionalism of Seastema (part of Fincantieri group) with the presentation of the first proposals convinced us to go ahead in the project and I can say that the expectations have not been betrayed. The console is technological and very beautiful; it’s simple to use and it was particularly appreciated by our captains. The professionalism of Seastema technicians made it possible to quickly overcome the difficulties that arose during the tests, due to the innovative solutions used, allowing delivery of the Yacht on time”.

The delivered system provides integrated navigation with a X-band radar, certified electronic cartography, tourist cartography, conning display (provided by Seastema), AIS certified log and echo sounder, DGPS, GMDSS class REG-Code communications. The integration at the software level provides homogeneity of video pages for monitoring and control of all applications, and it is performed on the monitors themselves without the need for additional devices. Different instances of the software can also be run on additional displays with different parameters and scales, solution that can be very useful for Radar and Cartography. The monitoring is part of the system and is made with the same MPEV Seastema proprietary technology.

The project has been a great success not only for the technological aspects, but even for the effective collaboration of all players involved; a special thank go to the shipyard and all the involved suppliers of subsystems and components.

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