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Floating Life unveils a new line of explorer yachts, FL Series

Floating Life, a boutique company founded by Andrea Pezzini and Barbara Tambani that offers services in the yachting world at 360 degrees, organized a special evening at its headquarters in Vacallo, Switzerland, a few kilometers from the Italian border.

On the 21st of October, charter clients as well as clients from the management and brokerage sectors, illustrious guests and potential new owners, were invited to the Floating Life Night to celebrate together a year of success in such a difficult period worldwide.

In the splendid setting of the Villa, during the welcome cocktail, all the numbers of all the different segments were presented to confirm the great activity of Floating Life throughout the year 2021. 

Significant numbers went testify a flourishing year for Floating Life, who is renowned for its professionalism in welcoming and fulfilling the requests and needs of its Owners with great enthusiasm.Floating Life unveils a new line of explorer yachts, FL SeriesFloating Life unveils a new line of explorer yachts, FL Series

Organized in the splendid garden of the Villa, set up with spectacular braziers, the event was a special moment for the Floating Life clients, who were able to interact directly with the entire team of professionals of the company-boutique who, once again, qualify as the best in terms of customer care in order to always guarantee impeccable service.
A refined dinner at the Conca Bella & Wine Bar restaurant completed the evening: guests reached the restaurant with a suggestive walk along the tree-lined avenue that connects the Villa to the restaurant, set up with images of all the yachts that make up the Floating Life fleet.

“We are very satisfied with the success of this event”, says Andrea Pezzini CEO of Floating Life “The evening strengthened the relationship with our clients. We are pleased but also surprised at the number of clients who came and who enthusiastically joined our event in such a difficult historical moment given the ongoing pandemic. This has given us so much energy that we transform into just as much enthusiasm.
It was a very pleasant evening, a moment of celebration, a gathering of people who share the same interest: Floating Life and for what it has to offers with so much passion.” 

The evening was also the perfect occasion to unveil the new FL 42 model and the FL Series (which includes the 42m, together with the FL38 and the FL47), a line of totally customizable yachts, which are based on a technical platform designed by Andrea Pezzini, with the collaboration of Satura Studio, characterized by the addition of an extra deck: the under lower deck. A space designed to fit the engine room, this solution permits to create a free space in the guest area on the lower deck in order to create a corridor that puts this area in direct contact with the beach area and to facilitate crew services by connecting the two areas. Floating Life unveils a new line of explorer yachts, FL SeriesFloating Life unveils a new line of explorer yachts, FL Series

Furthermore, moving the engine room allows one to bring all the weights lower, improving the stability of the yacht and to equip the engine room with a contiguous technical space to be used, for example, as a laundry or storage place.

All the models are designed with a range of 5000 nautical miles capable of making peaceful Atlantic crossings. The FL42, in particular, is designed to be used as a Fractional Ownership or Timesharing, two types of timeshares designed by Floating Life.

“The FL line has similarities to what we proposed on the K42 Audace, but at the same time has something new to offer”, comments of the founder of Floating Life. “First of all, the hull has been redesigned by reworking the calculations and hydrodynamic resistance factors of the hull.

The corridor that we managed to obtain in the lower deck, by moving the engine room to a different level, is a convenient access to the sea from all the cabins. On each deck there is also a day head, a rarity on board 40-meter yachts, especially on the sun deck.

The 42 meters is certainly an ideal yacht for those who want to experience the sea to the fullest, well-structured and with a very high level of safety. It is a transversal yacht suitable for a wide audience of owners. The ease of access to the sea and the agile environments, with a simple but very refined style, make it a perfect yacht for those who love to experience the yacht in total freedom.

An appealing yacht, that has already captured the attention of some owners during the evening, has had clients interested in examining the designs that adhere to their personal requests and tastes “.

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