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Club members and people of the sea demand the Government to act “urgently” to prevent the disappearance of the “Club Nautico Ibiza”

The Balearic Nautical Clubs Association (ACNB) denounces that the situation of nautical clubs in the Balearic Islands “located in the competency area of Ports of the State, is desperate and requires the adoption of urgent legal changes” with the aim of “recognizing the social and sporting function of these entities and avoiding the definitive and irreparable gentrification of their facilities”.

Los pantalanes del Náutico Ibiza, vacíos en previsión del temporal.
Los pantalanes del Náutico Ibiza, vacíos en previsión del temporal. / VICENT MARÍ

The ACNB recalls that it represents “24 sports entities and 12,000 associated families” and regrets that “it cannot hide its deep concern about the precarious situation in which such relevant sports nautical institutions as the Ibiza Yacht Club, the Mahón Maritime Club, or the Royal Yacht Club of Palma find themselves.”

From this association, “they fear that the absence of political and legislative action to respond to the demands of citizens – to ensure the existence of nautical clubs within the state port system – will result in the imminent loss of the sporting, social, and cultural heritage they represent”.

“The central government, through the Ministry of Transport and the Ports of the State organization, cannot remain idle while its rules and the specifications of the tenders it issues for the management of public space are causing commercial entities with no sports or social experience to be able to opt for the exploitation of historic nautical clubs under advantageous conditions.”

The commitment of Ports of the State Ports of the State, they recall, “committed themselves at the last edition of the National Congress of Nautical Clubs to take action on the matter. They did so after acknowledging that clubs play an irreplaceable role and that measures can be articulated to guarantee their continuity within the framework of Spanish legislation. That promise, which gave rise to the so-called Pact of La Palma, should remain fully valid today – given that nothing has changed since then – but, unfortunately, it has not been translated into action”. Time is running out, they warn, “and the clubs cannot wait”.

Moción aprobada en el Parlamento balear.
Moción aprobada en el Parlamento balear. / ASOCIACIÓN CLUBES NÁUTICOS

“The ACNB does not doubt the word or good intentions of the leaders of Ports of the State.” However, “it is necessary to make a public appeal for the agreed legal changes to be carried out without further delay or, otherwise, there will be no nautical clubs to protect”.

“This would mean ignoring the clear mandate of the citizens of Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza who have expressed their desire to preserve these entities through massive demonstrations”. In this regard, they mention “the event held a few days ago at the Ibiza Yacht Club or the one organized by the Royal Yacht Club of Palma in front of the headquarters of the Balearic Port Authority”.

“It should also not be forgotten,” they insist, “that the Parliament of the Balearic Islands approved on December 12, through a non-binding motion (PNL), urging Ports of the State to initiate the legislative modification procedure for the protection of clubs.” The central government “cannot turn a deaf ear to this prescription emanating from the legislative chamber that represents the will of the citizens, considering, moreover, that the Balearic Islands should have transferred the powers of recreational boating in accordance with its Statute of Autonomy”.

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