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Antigua re-opens port and airport

As many of you know. the Antigua and Barbuda Government has been working on the re-opening of the country. We are pleased to say the latest travel advisory now confirms that this is for both the port and the airport.

As it specifically pertains to yachting, please note:

  • All Marine Pleasure Craft and Ferry Services will enter ONLY at the Nevis Street Pier.
  • Passengers will be subject to protocols issued by Port Heath.

See the full advisory here [PDF]

Further details have been provided in the notes from Cabinet as follows:

  • Persons travelling to Antigua are not required to be tested for Covid-19 (coronavirus) at the City of boarding. No 48-hour certificate of testing is required in advance to board an airplane heading to Antigua;
  • All passengers arriving by air will be required to fill in a health declaration form – this can be found online here.
  • All persons disembarking aircraft and entering Antigua will be required to pass thru a temperature-testing camera that will determine if that person has a higher than normal body temperature. If that person’s temperature is within a normal range, then s/he goes forward; if the temperature is higher than normal, that person will be diverted to a waiting doctor/nurse station, where a rapid test will be administered and the results communicated within a short time. If that (higher-than-normal-temperature) person shows Covid infection, then s/he will be ordered placed in isolation to be monitored;
  • Those arriving by sailing craft (private yachts) are subject to protocols to be enforced by the Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority, the Immigration and Customs Department, and the Ministry of Health. There will still be only one point of entry (at the Nevis Street Pier). Quarantine of two weeks may well be instituted on arrival. Port Health will make that determination.
  • The list of states from which was previously barred citizens entering Antigua and Barbuda is vitiated or canceled. There is no restriction, given that the US and the UK continue to be among those whose populations reflect the highest number of coronavirus infections, and that our state is open to citizens of those two countries. It is also the case that many citizens of other states wishing to enter Antigua will surely use Miami and London as transit points. The challenge is overcome by requiring testing of each arriving passenger, at the airport or at the safe bio-spaces created.

At this time we do not have the details of any further Port Health protocols other than as listed above. As we get further details we will disseminate the information.

Further advice on yachts clearing in to Antigua and Barbuda

  • If planning to come to Antigua, please alert the authorities ahead of time by using the pre-notification system. We suggest you fill it in prior to leaving your current port.
  • You will be required to fill out a Health declaration at this time. Please ensure this is done and is accurate.
  • Upon arrival in Antigua, announce your arrival and request to clear in to coastguard and/or Port Authority on VHF16.
  • Port Health will need to complete protocols prior to the normal clearance protocols of port, immigration and customs. Please be patient with them and be prepared for this to take some additional time.
  • Unless directed otherwise by authorities, you are to anchor between Fort James and St. John’s Harbour with your Lima flag flying until you are invited in to start the clearance process.
  • The processing time will depend on the number of vessels ahead of you. Individual circumstances are being considered during screening.
  • We have had verbal confirmation that a two week quarantine is being instigated. Time at sea may be considered. We would advise that you contact the port prior to your arrival to give this information and again on meeting Port Heath.
  • Useful numbers to be used ahead of time or once arrived in Antigua are below and other useful information pertaining to clearance procedures, coastguard, marine services and current advisories can be found here:
  • A full list of members and service providers who can assist you while here in Antigua is available at

We look forward to welcoming yachts back to our shores during this challenging time. Do let us know if you have any further queries.

Kind regards,
The Secretariat.

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